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Gabriella Charbonnet is a driven pastry chef and the sister of an NHL player who protects her fiercely. Having survived an abusive childhood at the hands of her NHL stepfather, Gabriella has made herself one rule in life: no dating hockey players! She knows they are not all violent, but she is not willing to take that chance.

REGENCY:  Lady Elianna is suddenly left destitute when her father unexpectedly dies. Her fate now resides in the hands of a distant cousin who is to become the new Earl. When Elianna discovers that he and his family plan on using her as a servant or sending her to a nunnery, she chooses the former, hoping it will be only temporary.

Once Upon Another Time

TIME TRAVEL:  Jessie is a middle-aged woman with more regrets than she can count. She has a husband and two grown children but feels unfulfilled. Receiving an invitation to her 18-year high school reunion, all her past mistakes begin haunting her, especially those regrets about her treatment of her best friend, Royal.

Four years ago, dolphin shifter Cassidy O’Byrne fell in love with Nic, a sea dragon shifter, and unbeknownst to him, became pregnant. When Nic left, Cassidy swore to raise their daughter on her own, which went as well as can be expected for the past years.

WESTERN:  When her sister Jenny is dying, Retta promises her sister that she will travel across dangerous country to Harrison Carter, the man Jenny was supposed to marry. Jenny hopes that Harrison, who she remembers to be a kind-hearted man, will take Retta and her young daughter Adeline into his home and take care of them.