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Sad Summer in Biarritz

WOMEN'S LITERATURE:  A woman fleeing an abusive boyfriend ends up in the seaside town of Biarritz, where she finds herself embroiled in a mystery surrounding a young artist named Vinnie and his untimely death. When she starts to ask questions, those who want to hide the truth about him and his life, pull her in deeper.

Widow Abigail Johnson comes out West as a mail order bride. Gabe Hawkins is a federal marshal, and Abigail's new husband — and has failed to mention he’ll be taking her into Indian Territory. Abigail finds herself married to a stranger, in the middle of nowhere, and  must decide if this is the life or the man for her.

Becca Trevor’s life is a mess. She’s been evicted, lost her boyfriend, and fired from her job. To make matters worse, on her first night back home a fire breaks out and destroys the family business. However, when she meets up with volunteer firefighter Jack Wolfe, she thinks her luck might finally be changing.

Dinosaur Lake IV: Dinosaur Wars
Kathryn Meyer

ADVENTURE:  Chief Park Ranger Henry Shore and his family fight dinosaurs that have come out of nowhere. They have been contending with beasts that have evolved into much more intelligent creatures than their ancestors of old. Winter is coming to a close and they have not seen a dinosaur in months. As it warms up, however, they come back — and in greater numbers than before.

Tell Me No Secrets

Haunted by a car accident that took her brother's life and left her sister crippled, Kate Duggan is marked by that dark day by a nasty red scar that lines her face. Guilt is heavy in her heart and she blames herself for what happened. When she starts a job at a private investigator firm, she meets Ben Parker. He is alluring, but holds secrets of a dark past.