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MEDICAL:  Two scientists are found murdered, and their research was deadly. Investigative reporter Whitney Steel finds herself in a race against time to prevent a virus being released. With her FBI Agent husband, Blake, Whitney fights enemies they thought had been removed from their lives for good.

Mohegan is a male witch who is trying hard to fight his feelings for a tea witch he wants absolutely nothing to do with. However, the attraction isn’t one that he can fight easily, and as time progresses, he finds himself drawn to the lovely little witch. Olivia doesn’t need a male witch telling her what to do or interfering with her life.

Max Carter's life is meticulous and without distraction. As an FBI agent, he gives the best to his job at all times, but his mother wants to see him settled down. To get out of her setting him up, Max tells a little white lie that he has a girlfriend. Now, he needs to find someone to play the role.

Barefoot Bay: SEALed with a Twist

Kiersten Hallie

Grant “Twisted” Sisti is a Navy Seal and a psychologist, struggling with his own post-traumatic stress disorder after the violent death of one of his teammates.  Struggling to come to terms with the loss of his teammate, Grant finds himself unprepared for the attraction he feels for the mysterious hotel maid he finds skinny-dipping in his pool one fateful night.  Skylar Thornquist has met Grant

Whitney Crewe is young, talented, rich and unmarried.  As a woman in the higher echelons of society in the Regency period, she has a single-minded determination to stay that way.  Her plans for her life do not include being saddled with a loveless marriage to an overpowering husband, no matter what society demands.  Lord Acton knows that it is time for him to marry.  To that end, he has propose