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The Druid's Cup

A woman has been found with no memory of anything before she received her injuries — at the same time, a man is murdered, and a treasure lost. Can hypnosis draw out the answers, or will the murderer silence her first? Esther cannot remember anything about herself. Put in a home under the care of a gruff and suspicious man, she does not know whom to trust.

Ola Mae Masters never fit in. Orphaned as a child, she was raised unaware that she is a witch.  Suddenly finding her father and a large family is overwhelming. Unfortunately, between opening her own bookstore in New Moon Beach, and dead bodies popping up all over town, adjusting to her new family is a bit more than she is sure she can handle.

The Hunters' Fate

The Roma have wandered the world for so long that people have forgotten they ever did anything else. Hunted by werewolves, the Roma wander and hide, hoping for an end to the curse but unaware of how it began. Elysia might be able to end the curse, and save not only her family but her love as well.

Brooke Roberts was on her way to Seattle when a storm blew her into the town of Romance. Taken in by the caring community, she decides to settle down and open a glass blowing studio.  Determined to take part in her new community, she participates in the fall festival to fundraise for the local animal rescue and comes face to face with the handsome and reliable Blayne Grundy.

MEDIEVAL:  Garrett Thurlow has tried to be an honorable knight, despite the transgressions from his youth that haunt him. However, when his old mentor, Lord Ransford, orders him to kidnap Lady Adaline Mortimer in an attempt to make her more eager to wed, Garrett is forced to relive memories of his youth. Lady Adaline Mortimer is none too pleased to be marrying Lord Ransford.