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Sheriff Cooper Delaney believes he is going crazy. He has been hearing voices warning him of death. He is disturbed when a body found matches the one that was in his most recent nightmare. The dead are not meant to talk to the living, but when more bodies are found, he knows there is something far more sinister out there. Dr. Samantha Fowler has started over again.

Where I'll Find You

Hadlee Jameson had everything a person could want: a loving and supportive family and a good life. When her father suddenly dies, Hadlee's mother becomes a cold, heartless woman and Hadlee's life is torn apart. Focusing on keeping things on an even keel, Hadlee meets the intriguing Kaisen Sinclair. The strange thing is that he keeps showing up in her life and she soon becomes suspicious.

Heir of Ashes
Jina S.

FANTASY:  Roxanne has been through hell in her life. Tortured and used for experiments, she has escaped and is trying to remain one step ahead of those who want to hurt her. Hunted by the scientists behind the experiments on her, she is also pursued by paranormal bounty hunters.

Bounty hunter Faline Frey prefers to use conventional methods to catch her targets instead of the powers she has as a Huldra — or wild women, as they are also known. A local group of holy soldiers known as Hunters keeps an eye on her kind to ensure that they behave themselves. She does not want to bring herself to their attention.

MYSTERY:  Lyra Mayet has dedicated her career to proving that Pharaoh Horemheb had children. She cannot believe her luck when she discovers the tomb of Horemheb's daughter, Namire. By opening the tomb, Lyra has inadvertently allowed a dangerous enemy to steal a feather that can bring chaos to the world. Asim is given the task of finding the feather.