Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

Swim Season

Aerin Keane is a champion swimmer and a possible Olympic contender. However, just when everything is going well with her swimming career, everything at home falls apart.

SCI-FI:  Wicken and Chevelle are adjusting to how their lives have changed, but thankfully they are together.  Timber and Talia are learning how to best fit in on the ship and be of use with their talents

Death Thieves

SCI-FI:  Summer Rae is forced to leave her twin behind when, right before the moment of her death, a soldier named Tag pulls her out of time and jumps her to the future where she and others like

SCI-FI:  Jane and Will Benedict find themselves on an adventure born of necessity: neither 15-year-old Jane nor her 12-year-old brother Will is willing to become wards of United Earth Corporation.

The city of Arcania is being terrorized by a criminal madman calling himself Fortune, who continually robs banks and kills almost everyone within.