Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

All Kinds of Bad

MYSTERY:  Lydia is almost shot while she is working at the gas station in Thorn Creek. Then, someone throws a brick through the window at the bank. Graffiti appears on school property. The police think they know who did it, but they have no solid proof. They believe Nathan did it because he was guilty of similar crimes before he left to live in Denver for a year.


For years Lila has known she can sometimes hear other people’s thoughts, but why is she now having vivid, disturbing dreams involving Wesley, the new guy in her class?  When her teacher springs a group pr

Poppies for Christmas
Stacy Renée

INSPIRATIONAL:  Arty Lenn has a crush on budding high school DJ Dexx and can’t stop drawing pictures of the two of them together.  When she and her friends Kit and Poppy go to a club where Dexx is in acti

What's a Soulmate?

Libby Carmichael sees the world in black and white, along with every other person who has yet to find their soulmate. A lunch visit with her father at work brings her face to face with Andrew McCormack, a young man being booked into a juvenile detention center, and suddenly she can see color.

PARANORMAL:  Sixteen years ago, soul-eating demons devoured the seraph warrior Kaelis’ world.