Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

Death Thieves

SCI-FI:  Summer Rae is forced to leave her twin behind when, right before the moment of her death, a soldier named Tag pulls her out of time and jumps her to the future where she and others like

SCI-FI:  Jane and Will Benedict find themselves on an adventure born of necessity: neither 15-year-old Jane nor her 12-year-old brother Will is willing to become wards of United Earth Corporation.

The city of Arcania is being terrorized by a criminal madman calling himself Fortune, who continually robs banks and kills almost everyone within.

Questing for a Dream

INSPIRATIONAL:  Manitoba Cree Nadie Laplante’s family and tribe are suffering from a number of problems - some self-inflicted and others seemingly without a source.

In recognition of services performed for the Crown, Olivia Davenport is appointed as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Helen.  Although she would much rather be training with the squires, Olivia is grateful for