Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

Poppies for Christmas
Stacy Renée

INSPIRATIONAL:  Arty Lenn has a crush on budding high school DJ Dexx and can’t stop drawing pictures of the two of them together.  When she and her friends Kit and Poppy go to a club where Dexx is in acti

What's a Soulmate?

Libby Carmichael sees the world in black and white, along with every other person who has yet to find their soulmate. A lunch visit with her father at work brings her face to face with Andrew McCormack, a young man being booked into a juvenile detention center, and suddenly she can see color.

PARANORMAL:  Sixteen years ago, soul-eating demons devoured the seraph warrior Kaelis’ world.

PARANORMAL:  It's highly irregular to have a human as the Queen of The Fairies; however that's exactly what has happened to Megan.

FANTASY:  Frayle and Relek have a strong bond of friendship - Relek has watched out for Frayle his whole life.  When Relek is killed defending his home and his friend, Frayle accidently r