Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

INSPIRATIONAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  This is an account of the family lineage of Shechem, a man who began his journey in Israel during Biblical times.  Shechem was given a collection of writings by his adopt

FANTASY:  A heroic tale of chivalry with an evil dragon, a kingdom in peril, and a strapping young hero named Tyler.

Seventeen-year old Sam has it all: her parents are never home, she has a trust fund, she’s a cheerleader, dates one of the hottest jocks in school and is one of the most popular girls in school.

All Kinds of Bad

MYSTERY:  Lydia is almost shot while she is working at the gas station in Thorn Creek. Then, someone throws a brick through the window at the bank. Graffiti appears on school property.


For years Lila has known she can sometimes hear other people’s thoughts, but why is she now having vivid, disturbing dreams involving Wesley, the new guy in her class?  When her teacher springs a group pr