Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

The MirrorMasters

Leah Ellis is found abandoned on Sea Cliff as a toddler. She grows up and leads a typical teenage life with her adopted family, friends, and fun.


PARANORMAL:  Hunter has been working for Talon, a secret organization of telepaths for the last few years, but when her latest mission in San Diego goes sideways, not even her a

PARANORMAL:  Liam Whelan is the head of his house of empaths, and one half to a rare pair of soulmates. Unfortunately, his only leads to find her are his father’s confusing visions. Following yet another vision, Liam begins to court Laxshmi Kapadia, an Indian-American high school student with a strict traditional mother and the weight of her family’s expectations weighing her down.

The Reformation of Marli Meade
Tracy Hewitt

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Marli Meade has lived the most sheltered kind of life—atop the Appalachian Mountain range, trapped in the grip of a secretive community led by her father Charles, their preacher.

Gold Rush

Liza’s life has been sheltered since the accident that took her adoptive parents. She has been completely focused on her training with her eyes on the prize - an Olympic gold in figure skating.