Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Old Bones
Renae Marie

Photographer Simon Greene has lost the nerve to pursue his dreams, thanks to a near-drowning five years ago. His wife Victoria is more than supportive of him, even when he turns to drink and women to cure himself. Now, he decides that the best cure for the deteriorating photographer is to move from New York to a quiet lakeside cabin in Maine.

Super sleuth Cassidy Clark and her trusty sidekick Brecie Lemay are distressed to learn that their old college chum Catherine Bibbione has suddenly died of a heroin overdose. Cassidy and Brecie know that Catherine was on the brink of divorce from her mafia kingpin husband Anthony Bibbione, and that she was as straight as arrows come — she would never shoot up.

Bella Bell and Vernon Newell are long standing lovers who can’t keep their hands off each other. Bella is in love with Vernon, and Vernon is head over heels for Bella — but she can’t relinquish her heart to the head of a criminal empire, who has a nasty history of getting them in trouble.

When the body of Olivia Lathom is found in the quiet retirement community lovingly referred to as The Villages, people are quick to take sides and point fingers.  Those fingers point to his girlfriend's Aunt Esther.  Retired lawyer Matt Royal is quick to take the case, and he leaps into the fray to prove Ester’s innocence. He must, as she is the only family he and J.D. have.

When Nicole's father dies, she is thrown into a world of panic and painful memories. She begins to remember things about her stepmother Sharon, and the pain she endured at Sharon’s hands. Completely rattled, Nicole begins digging into her past, and strange things are starting to take place.