Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Federal Orphan Anika Washington has been given a second chance. Recruited by U.N.I.T., United Nations Intelligence Trust, she is finally offered the opportunity to belong.

Christabel awakens in a foreign hotel room with no memory of anything – including who she is!

Poison Heartbeats (Heartbeat #2)
Temple Emmet

George 'Mac' McKlane III is a Director of Homeland Security. His team of highly trained individuals comprises the Operation Poison Well Unit.

The Girl on the Beach
Morton S

Ellie Gordon leaves her troubled past behind and starts a new life with her son in Borteen, convinced that it is the perfect place to keep them safe.

Manhattan Lockdown

CNF:  "Manhattan Lockdown" was not reviewed due to certain scenes that are not reviewable by InD'tale. 

Michael Sawyer