Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Escape Velocity

Georgia has been living in her car in Silicon Valley while trying to land a job decent enough to let her take her sister from her mother and her creepy male friend, so she has a chance to escape t

In the Tick of Time
P. D.

Matt is an investigator for the Department of Public Health and Environment.

Banking on Love

When forensic accountant Rachel Sullivan is hired to investigate a shareholders' dispute, the last person on earth she expects to see is Ethan Montgomery.

Crossing Roman

Roman Caponelli is trying to move his mob family into more legitimate business ventures.  Some of his motivation is his feelings for a certain beautiful young woman named Madison Miller.

Eoin O’Brien has made his dream of becoming a detective come true. But the Irish clans' long-held tradition of the oldest son running the family business overshadows a success his father cannot support.