Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Snowbound by Lynn Crandall

(From the Fierce Hearts series).  Were-lynx Kennedy Mitchell and Asher Monroe find themselves stuck in the snow with a killer who has been stalking humans. What had been planned as a romantic getaway becomes a fight for survival.

The Mistletoe Effect by Lainee Cole

As the last of his kind, Drakkon Garion Gold lives a secluded life in Norway. Torn between two worlds, Garion hides from those who seek his blood and will use it to save humanity. He holds great power, but the cost of using it is too great. Helena White is determined to destroy the Drakkon who killed her family.

The Demigod's Legacy

December Farmer is off to New Mexico to track down her daughter's absentee father. Tito Perez disappeared from December's life because he has a secret. He is a demigod who is not supposed to mate with humans; the last time he did his bloodthirsty cousin killed both his wife and his son. Tito cannot stand to see this happen again.

Nightmares Rise (Dark Shores Trilogy #1)
Mirren Hogan,
Erin Yoshikawi

When Hawaiian tour guide Makani Lau meets Aussie tourist Flynn Cole at a local bar, there is immediate attraction. Armed with Flynn’s Nikon camera and Makani’s dilapidated old Jeep, the two set off to explore areas of the Hawaiian island little known to tourists and mainly uninhabited. Flynn is  looking forward to capturing original photos of landscape not typically seen by tourists.

Megan Kincade is the daughter of one of the most powerful shifter alphas in the world and attracted to David Michaels. As a siren, David is her enemy. Connected to each through Megan's brother Owen, who David has claimed as his own, they are working together to save Owen’s life.