Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

A normal life can be hard enough without helping departed souls cross to the other side. Add in collecting grief from the living and spiritual bosses who make the mafia look tame and that’s Vivian’s complicated life. That was before she decided to work with a grim reaper. But when a rogue guardian sends her an ominous message, the reaper may be her only chance to stay safe.

MYSTERY:  Cerissa yearns to feel Henry's fangs in her neck so they can become blood mates. It would mean they couldn’t be kept apart which is a strong possibility. With Henry healing from an assassination attempt, the assassin in a coma, Cerissa must work out why someone wants Henry dead. Being together is against ancient vampire code and even her own people are not happy about the march.

The House Adelia Built

Hope is an agoraphobic recluse with the charge of looking after and directing tours of Amity Lighthouse. Her roommate, co-worker, and friend Tracy is happily engaged and planning to move from the lighthouse, but before she does she manages to introduce Hope to a man named Clooney.

Police Officer Dawn Meli has a lot on her plate. A celebrity wedding, a tropical storm and a gem have her stress levels at the max. There is something also added to the situation with Hunter, a bear shifter that she can't stop thinking about. He stirs something deep inside her that threatens to awaken her wild side.

Set in today’s rural Pennsylvania, “Forged Alliances” follows the alphas from two packs of shifters—humans who can shift into animal forms. She is a wolf with an iron will; he’s a cocksure mountain lion with a bad attitude.  When Dax, the mountain lion alpha, arrives in Sierra’s wolfish territory, sparks fly.