Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

FANTASY:  Andy Peloquin explores the experiences of people with psychological, mental and emotional disorders through the lens of dark fantasy — how they live, and how they are impacted by their disabilities.

DIESELPUNK:  Dottie had a rough upbringing but now, at twenty-three, things are beginning to look up. She left her small town years ago and is now successfully pursuing her singing career. Not to mention that she has found her soul mate in her fiancé, Johny. He’s everything she could ever want. At least, she thinks he is…

Kindred Spirits

CHICK-LIT:  Two stories. Two cities. Two people looking for love in all the wrong places. Richard is a rich New Yorker looking to find a wife after the failure of his first marriage. Sassy Londoner Pip doesn’t have any luck when it comes to dating.

Rule Breakers, Soul Takers

For over a century, gifted humans from the elite, secret organization called Hell Runners Society have sworn to rescue lost souls from the First Ring of Hell. Prudence Luckett wants nothing more than to be a Soul Saver.

Billionaire Logan Mitchell has problems managing his psychic abilities. His inability to control his emotions turns him into an obsessive mess that threatens his physical and mental health. Couple that with the ghost that is haunting him, and things aren’t going well at all for the business man. Medium Allison Gray wants to help Logan get a handle on his abilities.