Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Alex Tailisin has grown up alongside humans for twenty-six years. Adopted as a youngster, she has never known her family, other than her Aunt Quinn. When mysterious tattoos appear on her body and she develops powers she cannot understand, other supernaturals are able to detect her magic and attack.

Sebastian “Bash” Lockard died in Afghanistan after jumping on a grenade to save his comrades. However, his heroic act gave the former Navy SEAL a spot in heaven as an Archangel, and Bash struggles to cope with this. Although he is not human anymore, he still has all his human memories, including those of his wife, and it’s hard for him to let go.

HISTORICAL: Arik Blakefield was forced to relinquish his claim to the dukedom of Draloch in order to save his younger brother. Now trapped in the Underworld, Arik has become Bloodaxe, the feared Dragon Lord, and one of two black dragons destined to rule over the realms of man and demon. As the ancient prophecy foretold in the Stone of Draloch unfolds, the demon armies prepare for battle.

Captain's Lady

HISTORICAL:  Captain Jack Boone would like nothing more than to sail the seas. When he inherits the title of Viscount of Rothwell, everything changes and his contemporaries urge the new Lord to find a wife. Katherine Ashe is in her first — and only — season. She and her sister have only this one chance to make a good marriage match.

MAGICAL REALISM:  Eighteen-year-old Evelyn believes she has found the love of her life in Guy McCallister, a dreamboat with chiseled features and a goatee. Her family disagrees, however, and to please them she apprehensively agrees to go on a date with a “perfect match.” Rex Somersy is the epitome of a gentleman —the complete opposite of Guy — yet Evelyn finds herself falling for him.