Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

The Dying Art of Magic

Nathalia is dead after committing suicide, yet she appears to be alive and awake. She is also being hunted by beings that want her and her blood. The only way to escape them is to run. With the help of Eiran, her faithful guardian, she is able to narrowly escape the evilness. Each time Nathalia runs from the beings that constantly chase her, including Eitan, Eiran is always there.

A man living in the wilds of Alaska notices a half-naked woman on the ledge of a mountain. The man realizes he can’t let this woman die from the cold or even suffer from hypothermia, so he decides to save her. The man does everything he can to save the woman who he calls Angel. As Angel slowly gets better, the man can’t help but be intrigued and fascinated by her.

Jody Monroe is a pro surfer on tour in Maui, but when an opportunity to make a lot of extra money comes her way, she jumps at the chance because her family needs the funds. Unfortunately, she has no idea what she is getting involved with. When a gunman shoots at her during a party, a strong mysterious man swoops in to save her. Having no other choice, she puts her safety in his hands.

Health Nut Cafe

Becka Clemmons likes to immerse herself in running her family café, anything to distract herself from the recurring dreams about drowning in the ocean. Her eccentric mother is always pushing for her to settle down, but Becka prefers to stay independent and unattached. Jonathan Parker is a man who grew up knowing he was different and knowing what he wants.

Ice Warrior: (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 13)

Brenda Trim,‎
Tami Julka

Alex Layne has seen many things as an Emergency Room doctor, but she has never encountered a bona fide vampire before. Until an unconscious man is brought to the ER in need of her life-saving skills. Alex realizes she must act fast to save her patient and keep him safe. Acting on instinct, she takes him home to keep him from those who would harm him.