Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

After running from her past, Lindsey Porter wants nothing more than to mind her own business and keep her head down.

Annie Campbell and her friends find themselves pulled into a murder case when Professor of Religion Christa Thompson is found dead and all the little secrets she had begin to crawl out of the

Chef Tessa Byrne is thrown in at the deep end when she discovers that dragon shifters are not just something thought up in the imagination, they're actually real. She goes on the run to Maui to escape a dragon lord who is hell-bent on claiming her. What she doesn't expect is to run into Kai and his group of strong shifters, or for them to actually try and help her.

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Jenna Sinclair is looking to soothe her wounded ego after a nasty breakup by visiting her favorite location in San Francisco, but while walking the beach she is suddenly transported through a portal that catapults her back in time to Berwyck Castle, England in 1182.  


Reed is on the top of his game when he meets his new client, Marin.  Marin and Reed have an instant attraction that does not disappoint, but Marin is a werewolf.