Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Jack Hammond and Leah Winters have escaped Death and his council by the skin of their teeth. They quickly learn that while Leah is now immortal, that immortality has come with a price neither of them expected.

Brienne is a fierce warrior and has had to fight her way through life — literally. She is a survivor and as strong as any man, although she has faced years of torture and emotional pain. She and her spirit guide, a large white wolf, have an amazing connection and they fearlessly volunteer to take a draghan out of the local village.

EPIC FANTASY:  Lostport is a small kingdom at the center of a game of thrones between its King Faolan, and the High King of the Kinship Thrones, who wants its resources.  When Doran, Faolan’s son and heir is paralyzed in a boating accident, Conard, a commoner, is exiled away from his childhood friend and true love, the reluctant Princess Laina.  Faolan is struggling to keep his kingdom independ

The Vespertine

GOTHIC FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Fifty years ago, The Great Vanquish happened, wiping out all the vampires of England. Now, in 1887 London, it turns out that the vampires left something—or rather, someone—behind when they were destroyed: The Vespertine. These creatures may appear human but when they appear at dusk, their vampire side is revealed. 


FANTASY/MYSTERY:  In “Atlantis”, Alanthea, high-priestess of Atlantis, finds clues leading her to believe a genuine threat is looming over Atlantis. Haunted in her dreams, and finding strangely coded poems, she is desperate to find answers. Meanwhile, orphan Arakon has visions of his own as well – visions that lead him to Alanthea.