Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

A war is raging over earth’s water sources. Two gods — or at least, that’s what they have the shifters believe — are locked in a battle until one reigns supreme. In the midst of this battle, lines have been drawn, sides have been chosen, and the Lemurian and Ursus shifters find themselves at odds with another, defending their relative gods.

Merck is cursed with the knowledge of the time of his death. The son of the god Poseidon, he has been given the unenviable task of hunting down and destroying practitioners of black magic. His life becomes even more complicated when Shannon Randolph literally falls back into his life for the first time since they were teenagers. In Shannon, Merck finds a reason to live.

Cami Akiyama has been marked both physically and emotionally by the evil of the otherworldly being, known as the Caoranach.  In an attempt to protect her, the Philadelphia Coven of witches assign street-smart Dante as a body guard for Cami.  The two share a passionate past, which threatens to derail the mission to stop the Caoranach’s destructive agenda and increases the danger to everyone.  Ca

EPIC FANTASY:  On the journey to free Annala from a life of slavery, Eric unleashes a power he cannot contain, leaving his human side vulnerable.  In the midst of this dangerous journey, Eric and his team are pursued by the Grim Reapers who are out to destroy him.  Now, running from the Reapers and trying to help Annala understand her powers, Eric must figure out a way to outwit death, or die t

New York supermodel Silke Butters hasn't a care in the world, until she receives a call from her adopted brother Joe that changes her life forever.  The news of her father'