Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

INSPIRATIONAL:  Rebecca St. Claire is leaving her cheating husband Michael to visit Lily Dale, the community where she grew up. Both her mother and grandmother have passed away, but Rebecca plans to stay with their old friend Maeve, who still lives there. Maeve O’Toole is a member of the spiritualist religion, as are all the residents of Lily Dale.

GOTHIC:  Captain Ned Alter is bored at his own engagement party until Bianca shows up — naked. He perks up, embarrassed for the woman so brazenly walking among the guests, although no one else seems to notice her nakedness. When his mother even describes her beautiful gown, Ned wonders if he is going mad.

Superors: The Potent

FANTASY:  Dolton Carter has just finished his junior year in high school and  discovered that for his summer break he gets to babysit his nephew, while his friends have better plans. He meets a boy about his age on the basketball court and discovers that there are truly evil creatures of the night, as well as half-breeds who work to save the last remaining humans.

Kailigh successfully raised three daughters in the wilds. Protecting them is proving to be a bit more difficult, especially now  they have reached courting age. Steering clear of a renegade with rich investors, seeking to take her youngest? Damn near impossible, and not over her dead body!

Silver hasn’t exactly had the cleanest past. He knows it is true and admits it, but now things are different. After years of working as a thief, Silver has finally cleaned up his act and found a “pack” he can call his own, in the form of a shifter indie-rock band. Things are going well until  his “god” appears with a request he cannot refuse: steal an ancient artifact from the Russian Mafia.