Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

The Fountain of Youth has had people searching for centuries for its healing waters that grant eternal life.

Ezekiel - call him Zeke - is a guardian angel, and Chloe is his wild, daredevil charge; and she’s driving him crazy.  Though he has other charges, he spends most of his time trying to keep her safe while she races cars, skydi

MAGICAL REALISM:  Chloe Lucesco is running from a past she can’t seem to escape no matter where she goes.

Vivian Bedford, the sole caretaker for her handicapped sister, Mae, has a chance encounter with a dying soul - an encounter that will change her fate, her eternity. 

Once upon a time all in Rothwyn knew the tales of magic associated with the ancient well within its borders. Now only a meager few know what lies within the confines of the watering hole.