Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Tamatsu has spent years without his voice, but instead full of hunger for earthly desires that he finds impossible to deal with. In order to be released from the curse he must go to the source —his former love, Noelle.  The deal he makes is to find the missing elf queen in exchange for the return of his voice.

End of the Road
Karen Michelle

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Cecilia Gunner finds her father's journal, and after reading it, she is able to see him. There is just one problem with that — her father is dead, killed twenty-three years before. Lars Gunner is convinced he was murdered, despite his death being ruled accidental.

As carefully as Lyla's parents are arranging her marriage, so Lyla is planning her escape.  She leaves her world with only her necklace as a remembrance.  After experiencing the human world, Lyla realizes the scope of what she has been missing. The more time she spends there, the more she recognizes that she is not the only one there from the magical world.

FANTASY:  Five magical gates that once connected two worlds have been closed by the Gate Keepers. The Gate Keepers disappeared and have not been seen — until now. When her nephew is abducted while she is looking after him, Nadia de Quinones has a chance to redeem herself. Her battle becomes more difficult when she forges a connection to a magical gate and finds her heart bonded.

TIME TRAVEL:  After accidentally traveling back in time with her older sister, Fiona Campbell finds herself in the arms of a beautiful Highlander. They have an instant attraction and Duncan is pretty much everything she could ever want--handsome, strong, and confident. Things are going well until their wedding night.