Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Nina has no idea how she washed up on the beach at Koa Point. Vague a struggle, a blow to the head and being thrown overboard are all she has to work with Boone, a wolf shifter who owns the estate, discovers her and immediately his protective streak kicks in. He wants to forget and never be involved with another woman.

Gabe Kincade is having strange dreams that seem more like memories of a past life. As head of security to the Boulder Pride, big cat shapeshifters, he is guardian to the god Maahes. Little does he know he is also the reincarnation of a guardian warrior from ancient Egypt. Ares, god of war and Maahes greatest nemesis, knows Gabe holds the key to taking Maahes down. 

The Edict

FANTASY:  The Reluwyn Empire is poised on the brink of a massive shift. Since the death of the King, the unscrupulous Regent Garesh has been ruling in the Prince’s stead. When Prince Trevisan comes of age, the Edict of Maidens is issued, drafting eligible young women for consideration as the Prince’s new bride.

King of Khoth (Book 12)
Brenda Trim,
Tami Julka

Angus Callanach has found the love of his life, Keira, after a millennia of searching on Earth.  Once he manages to get her away from her captor, Cyril the Unseelie King, he returns to his home realm.  Keira has no memory of anything before she woke up in a cave with Cyril; she trusts no one.

Jacob White thought he had everything he ever wanted: fame, fortune, the ability to turn heads, and now even the blood of Drakkon running through his veins — until he wakes up on the mountainside after a post-flight nap and looks into the eyes of a woman who dares to bargain with a dragon.