Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Switching Lives

Lexi and her husband Derick are taking their two daughters to the beach for a weekend getaway with Lexi’s sister Abby and her husband Ben.  Years of infertility have caused Ben and Abby’s marriage to hit the rocks, and Lexi warns her girls this may be the last time they see Uncle Ben.

When a Stranger Comes...
Karen S.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER/MAGICAL REALISM:  Reclusive author Alexa Wainright is desperately attempting to recapture the success she found with her first novel. Unfortunately, her current work in progress feels a bit lackluster, until her editor comes over accompanied by a handsome stranger who pitches a movie deal to Alexa.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Randi Ronin finally gets the courage to serve her adulterous and abusive husband with divorce papers. On her way to the bank to finally cement her future, she gets a flat tire. She is rescued by a handsome man named Hawk McBride. He is a private investigator who is intrigued by Randi. After he helps her, he can’t help but feel that something bad is going to happen.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Horse whisperer Emma Horserider is called out to investigate after a wild mustang is shot on a ranch in Montana.  She is almost killed when a drone mounted with an automatic weapon opens fire on her. When she lets her brother know what happened, he sends a black ops biker to her door to keep her safe and find out what is happening on the reservation.

Maddie and Axel were destined to be together, or so Maddie thought — until Axel left and didn't look back. She is in charge of the family ranch after her father's death and has two younger sisters to raise. Axel is an enforcer in his wolf pack. They have managed to survive the times before shifters were accepted, but things are changing in Wolffe Peak.