Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Detective Dori Orihuela’s life is going perfectly.  She is upwardly mobile in her law enforcement career and her relationship with her boyfriend Gavin and his daughter Bella is a dream come true. However, Dori’s unwanted psychic abilities and a persistent ghost named Roslyn threaten to destroy her hard-won happiness. Roslyn’s tragic past threatens to derail Dori’s future.

Kelsey Martin is an independent, single human living in a world surrounded by shifters—a lot of whom are from the previous two books in the Keystone Novel series by Megan Michelau, which does not need to be read first in order to understand and easily follow “Unbearable.” Kelsey has a strong group of friends, and one of those happens to be a sexy shifter, Tucker Peters.

A small town where everyone knows everyone. A meth cook found dead in her meth lab. A dream walker, aka, psychic medium who assists the local police with solving crimes. A killer on the loose, and a classic case of “Who done it?” Don’t forget the pot-bellied pigs who play very important roles in this crazy roller-coaster ride by Maggie Toussaint.

FANTASY:  On the planet of Ryca, a sinister plot unfolds through myriad twists, turns, and mind-blowing happenings. Tamara is a princess born with a chip on her shoulder and none of the magic running rampant in the rest of her family. In addition, Ryca’s magic is being stolen and history is erasing itself. Or is there a diabolical plot to usurp the throne that will stun the reader?

Mistress Grim

Cora Grim has been training to take over as the Grim Reaper almost since birth, but even though it’s not quite time for Cora to take her Father’s position as Master of Death, she is suddenly thrust into the role when an uprising sends her rushing into the mortal realm to collect the soul of a dying king. Except, no amount of training prepared her for Prince Antoine Leonardo III.