Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Seamus Bran is a protector of The Cup of Salvation, just as his ancestors have done for two centuries. Adrienne Perdu is a wealthy orphan who is shocked to discover that what she thought was a support group is really a group of Darkwalkers. Angels and Seers are on a collision course to save mankind before Demons take over and turn all mankind into Darkwalkers.

After constant conflicts with her sisters and a horrific kidnapping, Mermaid Gwen is keeping her distance from everyone she knows; family and friends wouldn’t agree with the brand of justice she imposes on mortals who would destroy her habitat. Soon, however, she is discovered by an element she has never before encountered.  Kwame Johnson has a sixth sense.

FANTASY/ADVENTURE:  After losing heavily at a card game, Captain Regina Fitzwaters is summoned to the office of Mr. Gold, owner of the establishment.

Someone is winning millions of dollars at the casinos owned by Valente International Corporation. Colin is the special wizard of the corporation and is called in to investigate. Everyone knows it is the same gambler with magical powers who is fleecing the casinos, but no two people can give the same description of what the perpetrator looks like.

Shrouded amidst the great ice castle of the north, Skarga has finally found love and acceptance — but at what cost?  The demonic man who once held her captive is determined to destroy her and