Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Ivy Granger and her fae friends return from Faerie but as they cross the portal, an evil force known as The Wild Hunt has followed them.  They must stop this evil before it devours the

Fates are the magical beings that protect mankind, and Prim is one who has been around the block a few times.  So many times, in fact, that it’s starting to take a toll on her mental state.  As su

Book four of the Dark Warrior Alliance follows Gerrick-sorcerer and Dark Warrior, an immortal sworn to protect both immortals and humans from the evils that lurk in and around Seattle.  Brooding, laconic Gerrick rescues Shae, a beautiful vampire, from a pair of powerful archdemons who had been torturing her and a group of female captives.  She and the other captives are brought to Zeum, the vam


Andrea R.

Renee Maxwell has always wanted to be an archeologist.  She loves nothing better than to get her hands dirty looking for treasures from the past.  When she finally gets the opportunity to work as

The newest member of a south Florida newspaper, Cassidy Chandler wants an assignment - any assignment, besides the obituaries.  But her own life becomes the side story when she awakens with a bruise on he