Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

FANTASY:  “Hear Me Cry” by Amanda J. Evans is a delightful and engaging short story and a retelling of an old Irish legend, as the title indicates. It’s fae versus humans, and the fae consider humans a feared and hated enemy. When Isla hears a cry beyond the veil, she can’t help but push through to rescue the feared human—a human who touches her soul with one look, one touch.

Final Surrender

When Kate awakens from an injury, she is shocked by her vivid dreams of a past life, and even more shocked by the man standing over her! Brandon has had visions of Kate most of his life, knowing she is the love he has waited for and that their souls are destined to be together.


Sophia Sullivan is torn between two worlds: her witch coven and her hard-earned work as a doctor. She has made a vow to devote herself to saving lives, but when a fellow witch opens a portal and risks the lives of everyone in Chicago, Sophia is torn between following the law of witches and taking a life, or her vow as a doctor to save a life.

The Pastry Prince

CNF:  This book was marked a CNF at 38% because the story is very hard to follow, the writing does not appear to have been edited, the formatting is scrambled, and the sentence structures are confusing. Subjects seem to change in mid-sentence, conjunctions are missing, and the overall storyline is slow to develop. 

Dahlia Gosney/Lynne Bryant


Queen Morana created the shadow—aka  Sokach—to protect her; she has created a brother for him—Velimir. Unfortunately,  Velimir is all about himself and power, but knows his place on the food chain.