Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy


Reed is on the top of his game when he meets his new client, Marin.  Marin and Reed have an instant attraction that does not disappoint, but Marin is a werewolf.

Fallen (Claimed Book Two)
Andrea R.

There is a crystal that all supernaturals crave — it allows weres to shift at will, and gives vamps ultimate power over the weres.  It has attached itself to bounty hunter Adeline and it has s

When Noah Hunter first arrives in town, everything about him appeals to Maya Greene – besides the fact he’s a shifter. Maya has despised shifters ever since she was attacked by one of them years ago, and has a hard time trusting Noah because of this. 

The Wind from the North
Barbara Gaskell

Skarga’s life has been a brutal one.

A White Horizon
Barbara Gaskell

In all of Skarga’s 19 years, she has never known love - only hate, derision and cruelty.   Accused of being a witch by her family and blamed for every bad event that happens in her village, her only joy comes from the young child she has found and nurtured like her own. Egil is the reason she fights to stay alive.