Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Olivia Merriman has graduated college and returned home to New Moon Beach where she can be with her father and two sisters while opening her dream shop, Mystique Creations.

Haley David is swimming for her life at the beginning of this adventurous paranormal romance. The attractive art forger finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when she bears witness to her mobster boss murdering his accountant.

Danae is finally free from her abusive husband, but the centuries of emotional scars are hard to banish when her first love unexpectedly reenters her life. Aramond is a rogue Panthera shifter. In all his long years he’s never fit in anywhere. While he yearns for the woman he couldn’t have he travels extensively, constantly hunting down their enemy, the Gossum.


FAIRYTALE:  David Fitz is a heroin-addicted drug dealer and a small-time con artist. He's grown weary of the drug game and wants a fresh start. David and his girlfriend Juno make plans to get clean and leave town. Led to believe that they will be safe from harm, David joins forces with the police to lure his boss into a sting.

For as long as he could remember Vince LaRue has had to deal with being the only shifter he knew of that couldn't shift. Believing himself to be some sort of hybrid, Vince has become resigned to living a solitary life without love or a family of his own. Besides, what woman wants damaged goods? When Vince is offered a place in the Brookhaven family, it almost feels too good to be true.