Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Trent Austin is young, good-looking and rich.  Saddled with the run-down Victorian monstrosity that belonged to his reclusive and dearly departed uncle, he needs to get rid of the eye-sore fast.  Only the best real estate agent in town will be able to make the dreary home saleable.  Trent must put aside his misgivings to ask Trina Austin, the only woman who can do the job to help him.  Trina Sa

FANTASY:  Rhiannon MacKay learns of the prophesy where she must lie with the enemy, Dylan MacGregor, to save the world from certain evil. Shortly after, she dresses up like a boy in order to go to war to look after her older brother Robbie. The MacGregors win and Rhiannon is taken prisoner. Dylan suspects this young “boy” is keeping secrets and assigns the “boy” to work for him.

Olive Kennedy is a human/elf half-breed who unfortunately is fated by an ancient prophecy to destroy not only earth, but the magical fairy world attached to it through portals.

Evil Speaks Softly
Marueen L.

Olivia is a successful author, with a pen name and disguises. Her muse speaks to her, as it does with many authors, but currently she is arguing with hers, wanting to make the ending different. When Gage shows up, knowing quite a lot about her, talking about Recorders and Watchers, she thinks her anonymity from crazy stalkers has come to an end.

Elysia Lovell has been sent on the run by her father who says he will meet her in a few day’s time. He never shows up, and she is left with a clue to find someone in Florida. While there, she finds the family she never knew. They are also under the curse of having to run from hunters, and she is surprised to find that they too have unique gifting.