Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Devi has a simple life. Simple but enjoyable, though of late she has been plagued by an unsolicited suitor and an odd desire for something more, something new. The youngest of four sisters, Devi’s identity is completely wrapped up in the Hemstreet name. Yet she begins to wonder who she really is, separate from her family, and if she will ever find her own happiness in life.

FANTASY:  This story begins with a little background and progresses into an active adventure that combines witches, warlocks and many other unearthly creatures. The setting is in England in 1815 where Lord Braden, a church guard, meets up with Merryn Pendraven, a witch and the Coven Protectress of Britain.

Because she was trying to protect her sister, Hyacinth was murdered in a rather gruesome way. And not just by anyone—by demons. Now, her young nephew, Geordi, will have to live with his father’s family, the Sicilian Mob. 

The Vampire Within

DARK FANTASY:  Sixteen-year-old Brandon Cass never thought he was special…until the smell of blood awakens a dark side of him he never knew existed. Haunted by images of a beautiful young woman he’s never seen before, and with his thirst for blood increasing with every passing day, Brandon has no choice but to find some answers, and fast.

FANTASY:  “The Sylph’s Tale” by Marta C. Weeks is perhaps the most unusual plot ever written. An angel, the most loved and beautiful angel of all time, watches humans on earth and, at one point, has a slight longing to become one. Therefore, an angry, mean, and quite fearsome ‘God’ banishes the angel to earth with a curse on his (or her) soul.