Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Everyone is looking for one thing: the fifth and final Spirit Stone, which will make the collection complete—Silas Llewellyn, sexy, reserved dragon shifter; Drax, a dragon lord and mortal enemy of Silas; Moira, current dragon-shifter girlfriend of Drax, and Silas’ ex-girlfriend; Cassandra, rightful owner of the large diamond, sassy and independent, newly turned ‘witch’ and Silas’ fated one.

Risking her life is the one thing Carly Hawthorne enjoys. She doesn't believe in true love and doesn't like being the youngest of the Hawthorne Clan. However, her no love rule is quickly thrown out the window when she meets Luke Brandsetter. He's a bad boy and she wants him. Luke's wolf is practically howling for Carly, and he won't be able to fight it much longer.

Kathleen McCormick is close to her dream of buying her own house. She just needs to get through this latest project in the New Orleans Garden District. Her only problem is that she will have to keep her temper under control. The manager's last associate was fired and Kathleen is determined that won't happen to her. Sebastian Brooks is lining up all his ducks.

As a conduit for ghosts her entire life, Jody is no stranger to sacrifice. A gift and a curse, her ability draws those on the other side who need her help. Sometimes she can even experience what they felt when they died.  Jared seems like the least likely candidate to compete with the ghosts’ powerful grip on Jody’s life.

Ben Swain is having trouble with his inner wolf — in a literal sense.  The shape shifter’s animal side is desperate for a mate and the intensity of his animal needs threaten to subsume his human side.  When he meets a young waitress named Alex Cavanaugh, his animal instincts tell him that he has met his mate. Alex however needs some convincing.