Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Rocker Preston Knight has found love with elusive vampire, Lily Grey. Lily did not choose to become a vampire. Preston welcomed the opportunity when offered to him. Loving each other opens doors for Preston and Lily — some to beauty, some to agony. Discovering they share a sire changes everything for the duo. Dorian Sweet holds sway over both Lily and Preston.

The Kiss of the Blue Howler

FANTASY:  Zephyr is unable to speak, and can only communicate through the Thought Energy pictures she creates.

Dahlia Sabin has never had the perfect life. She is used to living rough but lately things are looking up. She finally has her soul mates by her side—Alpha Wolf Dean and Vampire Liege Patrick — and she has a whole colony of supernaturals willing to die for what they have built. However, with great power comes great responsibility.

Way Down We Go

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Rennie is running away from a powerful, abusive uncle and a power-brokered wedding to a man that she does not love.  She seizes the opportunity to disappear while at an author’s convention when she literally runs into a biker named Stoke.  She puts her body and heart into his hands when she takes him up on his offer to drive her cross-country.  For his part, Stoke is fascina

The Wyrd Sisters are comprised of three talented psychics, Kim, Bryn and Mimi. Their talents and their sisterhood are put to the test when they meet a mysterious woman named Valena — a victim of a horrendous crime, so traumatic that she has lost her memory.  Valena’s fate appears to be tied to that of a series of ritualistic murders in the area.