Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Stefan Talltree is a Native American vampire, and a former assassin for the Vampire Council. Nowadays, he spends most of his time as a DJ at a local radio station in Whitefish, Montana. Then, one fateful night changes his entire life when he meets Brandy Shaughnessy, a park ranger. Brandy, however, has a few secrets of her own.

Detective Orlando Trovatelli is a Dark Warrior, and when it comes to love, he isn’t the smartest shifter around. When he arrives at a friend’s house, a female friend he believes should be married to him rather than to her abusive husband, he can’t believe she is dying along with her unborn child.

Abby Jenkins is a janitor in a haunted house, not only that, she has taken on a side job as a paranormal private investigator since she is able to see things others can’t. Speaking of things most others can’t see…her ghost of a boyfriend, Eric the Viking. Eric has taken on the task of trying to find a way to become alive again so that he can be with Abby.

Lindsey Porter isn’t just a mere mortal; she has been gifted with powers even she isn’t aware of…yet. She destroyed a sylph king and was granted powers beyond her imagination. She is also in love with Nevan, who is now the reigning sylph king, and there are a lot of supernaturals who aren’t happy with the fact that a mortal might someday be queen.

Dream Eater
K. Bird

Koi Pierce is attempting to come out of her shell. After years of avoiding people and the inevitable skin to skin contact that gives her flashes of their intense dreams, Koi is determined to finish her degree at Portland Community College and get a life.