Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Mistress Grim

Cora Grim has been training to take over as the Grim Reaper almost since birth, but even though it’s not quite time for Cora to take her Father’s position as Master of Death, she is suddenly thrust into the role when an uprising sends her rushing into the mortal realm to collect the soul of a dying king. Except, no amount of training prepared her for Prince Antoine Leonardo III.

River Running

HISTORICAL:  After his side loses in the war, Firemage Jackson Coal swallows his beliefs and returns home to his family’s indigo plantation. Secretly trying to raise the illegal half-mage child of his best friend while finding the cure to a deadly curse that clings to his skin. Jackson isn’t sure who to trust but finds himself drawn to the governess, Manda Rivers, he hired for his ward, Grey.

TIME TRAVEL:  Chiara D’Angelo and Jack Knight-Snow don’t get along. They could avoid one another, except she’s promised to help Jack figure out the cause behind his ghostly state and perhaps fix it. The problem is that Jack finds Chiara intriguing despite her trust issues and tendency to snoop.

On Halloween night, who doesn’t like a party that has all inhibitions removed at the infamous Bran Castle! Kalin and Axe are wulfkins who meet and have an uncontrollable urge to mate; could they be soul mates?

Fire Warrior(Dark Warrior Alliance#14)
Brenda Trim,   
Tami Julka  

Take a vampire princess and a fire demon, throw fated mating into the mix, and look out for the explosion to happen.  Breslin may be a princess, but she’s as likely as not to take her warrior skills and skewer anyone who attempts to give her a hearts and flowers type of love.