Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy


Writer Naomi's beautiful new home sits at the edge of a 17th century cemetery. She is drawn to one grave in particular and Maggie, the lost soul interred there, becomes the inspiration for her next novel.  As she researches her subject Naomi is torn between Ryan, a man she met on a blind date and Bryce, her handsome new next door neighbor.

Freed from his icy prison, Damnamenos the youngest son of Poseidon was only interested in revenge on his ex-lover and coven that betrayed him, until he discovers one of his seaw

HISTORICAL:  Danger haunts kind-hearted Julia Marsden, as the faerie king, Cadeyrn sets his sights on the maid in hopes of saving his people.

Look to the Sun

Rose Abernethy lives as any other citizen in the town of Sanmarian, dealing with the mundane problems of life, such as her car breaking down on her way to work - until she is swept away on that day by a w

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  When the sudden death of the siren queen and her only son Peter leaves the siren community in shambles, the Blake family does what they can to help.