Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Princess Snow White has horrible nightmares of seven small men torturing a lion which she sets free but then comes after her. These nightmares make it difficult to sleep. Snow’s father, the king, makes her a stuffed lion, and Snow’s nightmares are no more. When Snow gets older, she still sleeps with the lion but wonders about the forbidden forest surrounding the palace.

Four years ago, dolphin shifter Cassidy O’Byrne fell in love with Nic, a sea dragon shifter, and unbeknownst to him, became pregnant. When Nic left, Cassidy swore to raise their daughter on her own, which went as well as can be expected for the past years.

The Curse
Harper A.

Astrid is a wolf-shifter marked by a terrible curse. If she doesn’t find her soulmate before her twenty-fifth Blue Moon, she will die. And what’s even worse: Astrid only has three weeks left. Erec, a wolf shifter from a rivaling pack, is also nearing his final Blue Moon… But Erec doesn’t have time to go out and find his soulmate.

CEO Adrian Marlowe is a dolphin shifter, but his shifting abilities have evolved, and he can now shift into a dragon.  He has to try and tamp down his dragon side and fast. Reese Briden wants nothing more than to work as the Project Manager for interior design of Waterscape's new underwater hotel. When she meets CEO Adrian Marlowe, there's an instant attraction.

Ten years after graduation, Erica Miller is moving back to her hometown to take over a theater after her former drama teacher kills herself and her husband in a murder-suicide.  Physically scarred from a childhood house fire and emotionally scarred from her ex-boyfriend, Erica is in need of some support which she finds in two places.  First, she finds Gage Dawson, her best friend from high scho