Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Dream Eater
K. Bird

Koi Pierce is attempting to come out of her shell. After years of avoiding people and the inevitable skin to skin contact that gives her flashes of their intense dreams, Koi is determined to finish her degree at Portland Community College and get a life.

Donovan doesn’t recall anything before waking up in a hospital room and seeing Doctor Josephine Kenneth by his side. His family is ecstatic, so when he mentions a barely remembered conversation with a black-winged angel, they chalk it all up to a miracle and move on. Josephine is equally relieved that her patient has recovered from his motorcycle accident.

ANTHOLOGY:  Madam Azalea runs a successful teahouse, thanks in part to her abilities as a medium, and in part thanks to the fact that her gambler ghost of a brother and his friends haunt the back room every night playing poker. In four stand-alone stories, four women interact with the teahouse ghosts with varying degrees of romance, humor, and action.

Blythe Foley knows her time is up when another heart attack strikes. However, she never expected that death would walk into the room and at the last second give her the one thing she wants most — time. A short reprieve to spend with her children, but it comes at a price. For some reason, this reaper (who goes by the name "Bellamy") insists on spending the same time with them.

Ola Mae Masters never fit in. Orphaned as a child, she was raised unaware that she is a witch.  Suddenly finding her father and a large family is overwhelming. Unfortunately, between opening her own bookstore in New Moon Beach, and dead bodies popping up all over town, adjusting to her new family is a bit more than she is sure she can handle.