Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

DARK FANTASY:  Ilanna of House Hawk, unsurpassed thief of the Night Guild, suddenly finds herself alone, having lost everything she held dear in a deliberate, alchemical fire that destroyed her home, her family, and most of her will to live.

Stefan Talltree is a Native American vampire, and a former assassin for the Vampire Council. Nowadays, he spends most of his time as a DJ at a local radio station in Whitefish, Montana. Then, one fateful night changes his entire life when he meets Brandy Shaughnessy, a park ranger. Brandy, however, has a few secrets of her own.

Detective Orlando Trovatelli is a Dark Warrior, and when it comes to love, he isn’t the smartest shifter around. When he arrives at a friend’s house, a female friend he believes should be married to him rather than to her abusive husband, he can’t believe she is dying along with her unborn child.

Abby Jenkins is a janitor in a haunted house, not only that, she has taken on a side job as a paranormal private investigator since she is able to see things others can’t. Speaking of things most others can’t see…her ghost of a boyfriend, Eric the Viking. Eric has taken on the task of trying to find a way to become alive again so that he can be with Abby.

Lindsey Porter isn’t just a mere mortal; she has been gifted with powers even she isn’t aware of…yet. She destroyed a sylph king and was granted powers beyond her imagination. She is also in love with Nevan, who is now the reigning sylph king, and there are a lot of supernaturals who aren’t happy with the fact that a mortal might someday be queen.