Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Penny White is many things to many people. She is both a sister and mother to her younger brother James, the fiancé of her soon-to-be-husband Peter, the mentor of a priest-in-training and vampire, the guardian of a snail shark (yes, you heard correctly), the vicar of an English village, and the continuous romantic conquest of a dragon named Raven.

HISTORICAL:  Set in twelfth century Ireland, Orlagh, the sheltered, naïve, slightly spoilt, but fiery granddaughter of Chief Maelan, becomes infatuated with a traveling bard and very nearly loses her innocence in the process. This serves as a wake -up call for her grandfather, who must admit he’s coddled her for too long, and that it is time for Orlagh to marry.

Sawyer Barrett is the son of the god Odin but raised as a hunter of monsters. When he kills a wolf-shifter child of the Storm Pack while in a berserker rage, he pledges to repay those he has wronged even with his own life. Yet, enemies stalk the pack and hunters on all sides.

FANTASY:  Princess Mina Everheart, daughter of the One True King, has been given a mission: go to the island of Osaze, marry the pharaoh, introduce the people to the King and help them move past their focus on outward appearances. Unfortunately, the pharaoh has no interest in a princess on fire with change and questioning his divinity as the son of the sun god Aten.

HISTORICAL:  Adaira lives with a deep secret: she is a blood drinker, courtesy of the evil Unseelie Queen who made a blood pact with Adaira and her two younger sisters in exchange for taking their abusive and cruel stepfather’s life. The blood pact can never be broken, and the sisters must live with darkness inside them while striving not to let the evil consume their souls.