Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

EPIC FANTASY:  In a land where magic is banned and wielding it means death lives a woman named Gilly, who lives on the outskirts of society and secretly watches her younger sister grow up. Anna, Gilly's sister, has no knowledge of their connection and believes Gilly a stranger.

Under the Full-Blooded Moon


Ruth has lived on an island in the remote Scottish Hebrides for most of her life.  For just as long she has denied her powers as a witch, until a handsome stranger by the name of Stuart Caldwell steps off the ferry and into her life.  The mysterious American awakens the power that Ruth has so long denied.  Stuart can sense the stirrings of Ruth’s heart, but he is a man with a purpose, and that

PORTAL FANTASY:  On a visit to her grandparents in Scotland, Novaleigh starts her day with a casual walk across a bridge, but where she ends her day is a place of mystery. Sacrife, a land with talking otters, fae people, magic, and unwelcoming creatures, is an entirely new world to Novaleigh, a land she believes only to be a dream. After all, otters do not talk…nor do trees.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Nicky Arviso is a police officer and shape shifter, and prefers to stay in the form of a wolf. A veteran of Afghanistan and other wars, he recognizes the smell of death when he discovers a brutal crime scene on his own property and the exploded shreds of an Other. Others are created by the Darkness and include banshees, dragons, and the Fae.


Cage fighter Caleb Hallow is focused solely on beating his opponent Austin Graves, and becoming the world champion welterweight. Destiny, however, has other plans. When Meg Riley catches her boyfriend Austin with another woman, she chases Caleb for a one-night stand to get revenge on Austin. In the morning, she finds a strange, enormous tattoo on her back.