Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Evander is cursed with immortality and an eternal lust that cannot be satisfied — or so he thinks. The only being that can quiet his insatiable desire is a sexy vampire named Bremusa.  Too bad she is also responsible for the death of Evander’s friend Orestes.  All this and an apocalypse too... what are immortal beings to do?

Nicola is a single mother who also happens to be a practicing witch and psychic.  Her best friend Joseph, also a spellworker with psychic gifts, informs her that her ex and child’s father Keith is involved with a doomsday cult that wants to bring about Ragnarok, the Norse version of the end of the world, and has drawn her stepsister Muriel into the cult.  Nicola and Joseph take off to locate Mu

Still haunted by the demons from the past, Alice Worth has spent the last five years trying to put that life behind her. Under the control of her grandfather's mage cabal for twenty-four years, and forced to commit horrible crimes, her only way out was death. Staging an accident, Alice changed her face, her name and moved across the country to escape.

Tangible Spirits

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Gera is a reporter sent to Jerome, Arizona, to do a story on a local apparition named Mac. Mac has been causing mischief and "When It Happens" magazine has deemed it worth investigating.  As she pulls into town, Gera drives past a crime scene, and soon learns that the populace is blaming the murder on Mac!

Good Bones

From the very beginning of her career as a psychologist, Katherine Fleming has never given up on a patient — no matter how hard the case.  Her sense of  compassion and intuitiveness help her to sense when a troubled soul needs her help.  When she starts working with Detective Jake Sumner on a highly unusual case with a most unusual patient, Katherine must decide if she is willing to risk her li