Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

TIME TRAVEL:  Beth Leighton is an American who moved to Scotland to marry the love of her life, or so she thought. One bad decision turns her world upside down as she is hurled into the past, awakening just as a highwayman is robbing a stagecoach… in England! How she ended up in England 200 years in the past is a mystery to her, until she meets an archangel who gives her an important mission.

Every October

Zoey Harris is not prepared to go quietly into that dark night.  Every October since her untimely death, she visits her daughter Amy who can sense her presence. However, time is running out for the reluctant spirit and she has been given an ultimatum by the spirit world: move on.  She must reconcile herself to her own demise by the end of Halloween night.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Feather Woods is devastated when she visits her best friend but finds her brutally murdered instead. When the police arrive, Detective Shaw recognizes Feather as a girl he knew many years ago. He is concerned about the brutality of the murder, as is his partner Apple Shade — especially when there is another murder, and a victim who also knew Feather Woods.

Penny White is a priest on sabbatical in Caer-grawnt. With her is Clyde, a humble snail shark she fostered since it was a baby. She knows it is special because unlike other snail sharks, it can talk, sing, and fly. The snail sharks are as big as German Shepherds, and have rows of shark teeth hidden in their bellies. They eat dogs and babies.

Hell Of a Night
Hope Daniels,
Alicia Dawn

JT Kirkland is born into battle magic, yet he wants to serve his country in the Navy.  Tessa Windham is leaving Kansas to make her way as an agent for the American’s Witch Council.  The two meet in the big city but are ripped apart, only meeting up 50 years later.  The world in the 80’s is vastly different than when they met, yet they find each other again.