Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Summer and her sisters are witches, but the townspeople of Leiper’s Fork merely see them as eccentric. Summer runs an animal sanctuary which gets her in trouble with local law enforcement, Cooper Carlyle. This time, her elephant has decided to swim in the sheriff’s pool. She has rescued a chimpanzee that is extremely protective of her.

GASLAMP FANTASY:  Effie of Glen Coe is fey who is summoned by the Fey Finder Fergus Alpin to prove a Spae Wife innocent of any wrong doing. The Spae Wife is accused of bringing forth wulvers, creatures smaller than wolves with fox ears and the blunted snout of a boar with fangs. Effie proves her innocence.

Amy’s job is that of a healer. Humans are okay, but supernatural creatures are what give her the true joy in her life.  She healed Rowan, a leshy, and he left her to pursue his destiny. When she is cursed to die, however, he storms back into her life to try to save her.  Something unnatural is coming, with a power that neither of them can understand or control.

FLINTLOCK FANTASY:  Johann Plank is a Scribe of the Fifth, an apprentice of the Scribery. Though young and untried in the real world, he is sent on a perilous mission with the God-king’s knight, Sir Lamorak.

This Mary doesn't have a little lamb — she has an entire flock and an organic wool business to run. But when her coyote-shifter ex-husband won't take no for an answer, a night cutting loose with ram-shifter Demetri becomes more when she wakes up the next morning and realizes he's the ranch hand she meant to hire.