Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

The Faewitch

Sophie is 16, half fae/half witch, who has known only the mortal world. When an attempt is made by a group of Wizards to kidnap Sophie, her mother is forced to return them to the Faery world in order to protect her. Sophie finds herself in a strange new land, where she is able to make new friends and meet her grandfather, the king of the Faery world.

Cary Stone is on a mission to land a job at Argos Inc. as a demon hunter. To do that, she must complete a series of tests in order to prove her capabilities. Cary’s biggest fear is that she will be found to be half-demon. Levi Walker is a demon hunter for Argos, but he wants out. That is, until he meets Cary.

Adrianna Randall is a witch and a healer. The one problem she has is that she cannot control the power she has when it comes to fire. When she meets James Douglass, he literally runs into her with his car. As they get to know one another, their feelings begin to deepen. Adrianna can heal animals and plants.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  New Orleans is a city with a lot of haunting activity. Trudy Tucker and Levi Wolfe are psychics hunting a serial killer who has been killing for over ten years. The person they believe responsible is paralyzed and one of the murders has occurred after their paralysis.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Serena Lowell thinks she has met "the one".  Based only on a brief meeting, she moves across the country to start a new job and a new life, intending to hook up with Sam, her fated mate.  It's not going well. Her new boss hates her and a stalker starts sending her roses.