Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Evie Morningstar is an ordinary young woman struggling to make ends meet, while taking care of her younger brother, Kyler, and going to school at the same time. Ordinary ends abruptly, however, when she finds a badly injured man on her doorstep late one night and takes him in. Jace, however, is no ordinary man.

HISTORICAL:  The Varis empire — vampire monarchy in the north — is seeking to discover who is spreading the propaganda against it.  Friedrich Volya, Duke of Winter Hill, wants this person or group caught before his uncle King Dominik gets to them.  HIs uncle is a violent king and rules through fear of death.

Shadows of Ghosts

Logan Dean has no idea what is in store for her when she opens a letter announcing she has inherited an estate named "Aviemore Hall" from a benefactor she barely remembers.  Hoping her new home will be a safe haven, Logan arrives in South Carolina full of optimism.

FANTASY:  Andy Peloquin explores the experiences of people with psychological, mental and emotional disorders through the lens of dark fantasy — how they live, and how they are impacted by their disabilities.

DIESELPUNK:  Dottie had a rough upbringing but now, at twenty-three, things are beginning to look up. She left her small town years ago and is now successfully pursuing her singing career. Not to mention that she has found her soul mate in her fiancé, Johny. He’s everything she could ever want. At least, she thinks he is…