Reborn (Princess of The Blood Series Book 1)


A descendant of Louis XVI, Marie Josette d'Orgemont has already had to endure watching her husband die at the hands of a horrific creature moments before it turned on her. Her savior was a powerful vampire who let her live; however she did not realize that she would have to spend her immortal life paying to protect her son. In modern day Miami, she is working on keeping her human bloodline alive. Odin, a Nordic werewolf, comes into her life and despite it being forbidden, she finds the romance she has been missing. This newfound romance has a cost, however, and it may just be far too great. Will they be able to overcome everything and stay together?​


Jane Ederlyn has written a hot, exciting romance that will have readers heading for a cold shower afterwards! Marie is elegant, graceful and in comparison to the rough and ready Odin, it's a perfect mix. The novel keeps an even pace, with a good mix of exciting scenes as well as searing hot ones, all featuring dialogue that can be easily imagined in the mind. The only criticism was the abrupt ending of this book; it was a little confusing and disappointing. As the first book in the series however, it has paved the way for more exciting and well written stories. 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick