Legacy of Lies (Hell’s Valley) Book 1


Sara grew up in Copper River and now she is back as a teacher, working off the debt she owes the school board for her education. When it is paid, she plans to leave this little berg as fast as she can. Cowboy Garrison Taggart never really noticed Sara while they were in school, but he certainly notices her now. There is major conflict in both of their lives: Hank wants to buy Garrison’s ranch at any cost and Hank doesn’t want Garrison around Sara, his ex-girlfriend. Hank has no boundaries to hold him back from getting exactly what he wants and when he wants it, even if it includes kidnapping and murder.


"Legacy of Lies" is an intriguing piece - one knows who the culprit is, just not how he carries out his plans until the final reveal. Each of the Taggart children, including Garrison, has a psychic gift that helps solve the problems that are brought about by Hank. Garrison chooses not to use his gift until he meets the delectable Sara, then he must know about her integrity. Several parts of the story are slow, but one should continue reading because the rest of the story more than makes up for it. There are also a few editing oversights. A wonderful story, it is filled with colorful characters and complicated situations that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat.


Belinda Wilson