Her General in Gray


When Autumn Hartley purchases Allen Hall, she didn’t expect it to come with a Confederate general, but unfortunately the ghost of John Sibley Allen has no intention of abandoning his family home to the fiery Yank. Shot in the back by a traitor, he’s determined to get his revenge on Beauregard Dudley’s reincarnation, however, Autumn has no interest in his revenge plans and without her around, Sib has no chance. While Autumn tries to recover after a divorce and Beau pursues her romantically, Sib has to make a choice, save Autumn or hunt Beau? The wrong choice could doom each of them, but the right one could mean salvation for both souls.

A paranormal romance novella, “Her General in Gray” begins with a ghost and ends with a bang! Set in South Carolina, the story briefly gives background and setting but fails to develop either. The characters and their motivations are straightforward but they lack development, and due to the short nature of the tale fail to develop enough for readers to really become invested. The romance builds beautifully, with plenty of sexual tension, but the story ends with a few questions left unanswered. The plot itself flows smoothly through the story, but the lack of background and build up at the beginning make it hard for readers to understand how things started in the first place.  Overall, the story has plenty of potential — the romance and conflict are engrossing throughout — it simply needs a bit more development.

Sarah E Bradley