Reviews - Mystery

Sammy Egret’s brother Walter is found dead after he leaves a cryptic message about their missing father’s pocket watch.

Private Investigator (Eddie) Shoes and her old friend Dakota haven't seen each other since high school when a horrific accident changed both their lives. Eddie dropped out of school and left town, creating a new life for herself. Nearly ten years later, Dakota reappears, calling from Bellingham jail and asking Eddie for help.  She needs someone to bail her out and find the person stalking her.

PI Mac McClellan stumbles upon a case not of his world.

Renata Radleigh is a renowned mezzo-soprano opera singer with a troublesome brother. The past year has her trying to prove her brother Don’s innocence after he is accused of murder. Now Don shows up claiming to have turned over a new leaf, but Renata is unconvinced. She enlists the help of her boyfriend Peter Lombardo to see what her brother has been up to.

Carrie Jorgenson follows her boyfriend to Hawaii for love and to escape a less than ideal home environment in Vermont.