Reviews - Inspirational

STEAMPUNK:  Kat Bloodmayne has lived her life with her father’s indifference, always feeling inferior to his love and devotion to his scientific endeavors.

Second Chance Ranch

Kelly Armstrong is newly divorced and has moved back to her hometown of Three Rivers in the Texas panhandle with her four-year-old son.

An Informal Christmas

Rylie Durham’s work as a Child Life Specialist in a pediatric hospital is more than a job…it’s her life.

Taylor Lynne took her toddler and left her cheating husband 14 years ago.  In that time he has had very little to do with either of them, but now he is divorced and asking her to move her 16 year-old daug

HISTORICAL:  Matthew and Annabelle are in Elmira, NY, looking down into a prison camp trying to find his brother George. With so many Confederate prisoners, finding him seems impossible.