Reviews - Historical

Tempting the Scoundrel

After years spent watching her mother love a scoundrel, coupled with a spinster aunt who always spoke ill of marriage, Miss Sophia Markham has been warned enough against love.

TIME-SLIP:  Elodie and Alex were childhood best friends, though at opposite ends of the aristocratic ladder. Alex was the heir, now the Earl, and Elodie’s parents were the help. She’s back home after being in London for a decade, wounded from a bad marriage, but loving getting back to her roots in Hartsford.

Jeoffrey was certain that when Clarice ran off with his cousin, Harold, he would never see her again.  She was the last person he expected to see bursting through the tavern doors in the middle of a blizzard, clutching a small child. Clarice was certain she would never see Jeoffrey again, yet his face was the last one she saw before fainting in exhaustion.

Arbela Maclean is half-Armenian and half-Scottish. She was born in the Holy Land and is a well-trained warrior. Now, her father is requested back in Scotland to take over as Laird of the Maclean clan. When they arrive in Scotland, Arbela is not used to the weather, land or culture. However, she has more things to worry about when she discovers her father intends to see her married.

Lady Lydia Barrymore is at loose ends.  Widowed for nearly a year, she has had her fill of trips to the lending library, hosting teas and visiting the museum; even a brief affair hasn't done much to lift her spirits.  On a mundane trip to the museum, Lydia encounters a living Adonis — and his scandalously forward ways leave her blushing.  She thinks never to see him again, until the night she a