Reviews - Historical

Catherine Bradshaw has travelled from London to New York to join her future husband, Jeremy Flint.  Although she barely knows Jeremy, she already fears him. She is abducted immediately after the wedding by Rive St. Clair, a French army captain who suspects Flint is responsible for several heinous crimes, and has sworn to take revenge on him.

Pillars of Avalon
Katherine Pym,
Jude Pittman

English newlyweds David and Sara Kirke have been granted leave by King Charles I to sail to Canada and raid the French-Canadian shores, intercepting ships loaded with goods meant for the French. When Louis XIII is informed of these goings on he is outraged, and King Charles reneges on his promise to David and Sara, leaving them in dire straits.

When his lover betrays Turi, his entire village dies. His immortal father passes judgment on him: he is to live for 13 centuries with the guilt of the deaths he has caused. Only then will he become mortal. He lives out his sentence alone, wary of making any lasting connections, until he meets fugitive Cristen St. Clair. He falls in love with her and will do anything to protect her.

The Ivy family story continues as Julian and his wife Saylah, daughter, Illiann  and son Kit approach a new vista in their lives.  Julian feels the need to be challenged beyond his family ranch on Vancouver Island, moving to the city to help his friend Devon run his paper, hoping to leave behind pain from his mother’s rejection.  Saylah is called by the voices of her Salish culture to tell thei

Scott de Wolfe is a career knight hardened by the loss of his wife and children. Now called the "Black Adder", he has become a merciless soldier feared by everyone.