Reviews - Contemporary

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Cassie Dunhill has had her life planned out since she was young. She and her two best friends, Paige and Marissa, make a pact on the beach that their next date will be the man they marry. Cassie has been avoiding Parker Hamilton for six months, but in her heart he’s THE ONE, and she finally accepts his invitation to an evening out.

Gabriel Marshall has offered himself up at the 4th Annual Cedar Bend Bachelor Auction to help raise money for a good cause.

ANTHOLOGY:  A collection of short stories that explore different types of relationships and varying types of love — ranging from the devotional, the passionate, and the pure — this anthology features diverse characters at different stages of life.

Amy Knowles is used to being overlooked and overshadowed by her bombshell best friend Jules. Working in their teashop on Monkpark Hall Estate in Yorkshire, Amy isn’t likely to meet many men, but the ones that do come by usually only notice Jules — except local recluse Joshua Wilson, who sees Amy, and may be the only person who understands her.

The Man in the Mirror

After an gas station explosion leaves a John Doe with amnesia and the face of Gentry Wilson’s missing husband, everyone is left wondering what happened to Jake Wilson, and where he has been the last seven years.