Reviews - Contemporary


Social outcast and nerdy software mogul Xavier Gaines is on the verge of securing a huge government contract, which would net his company mega bucks. To help with his public image he enlists the talent of media relations expert Peyton Smoke. During the interview, Peyton realizes she knows Xavier from high school.

Rose Richardson assumes a new identity and moves to a rural town in Connecticut to escape her ex-husband’s attempts to frame her for a crime he committed. With the FBI delving into the case, Rose, aka Emma Morris, unwittingly rents a house occupied by a  curmudgeonly owner who is trying to make the deadline on his next book.

Sienna McBride is in her second year at the Academy of Arts, with a last-chance audition at Juilliard looming in her future. She needs  to focus all her attention on the tryout, especially after she turned down entrance two years earlier due to an unplanned pregnancy. It is becoming somewhat difficult with tall, dark, and handsome Aaron Johnson in her life.

Lina Bright is a successful woman who is about to undergo artificial insemination. She was adopted by a wealthy couple as an infant, but she is determined to learn more about her birth parents. She visits her biological mother in the English village of Oldcastle, where she hopes to discover her father's identity.

Erin Fowler left Silver Springs because of a broken heart. When she returns she is in an accident, which brings her face to face with the man who made her leave in the first place. Jackson Roberts cannot believe that the victim of the serious accident is the woman whose heart he broke all those years ago.