Reviews - Contemporary

Detective Mitch McKenna is a small-town southern boy who found the love of his life while attending college at Princeton. An epic miscommunication ended that relationship and broke his heart. His time in the military did nothing to ease his pain. Sydney Preston also met the love of her life at Princeton, but the shy, quiet girl was unable to stand up to her family.

Can a rock star and a drag queen club owner fall in love in Bangkok?  Erika Bailey moved to Bangkok and invested everything she had in a drag queen club in order to start her new life. She is  doing well — she pays her protection money, and has lots of good-looking talented men working for her. So what if she doesn't have a love life?

Two hours from Philadelphia is the town of Oak Grove, where Sarah Robinson has moved with her daughter for a new start, far away from the tragedy of her past. Lucas Bennett is dealing with a tragedy of his own. He is also the medic that pulls her from the wreckage of her car after a horrible car accident. Each of them are fighting their own demons and don't have much room for forgiveness.

My Life as an Extra

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Newly divorced Marla Goldberg is trying to find herself and where she fits in the world now. She put away her dream of being an actress long ago, but now that she is single, she wants to try to reach for it again. Along with looking for a job that is more than being an extra on set, she also starts to date again — but she isn’t successful at either attempt.

WESTERN:  Meredith Hanover lives the life of a wealthy businessman’s daughter, but her life is anything but happy.  Desperate to escape the clutches of her cold and tyrannical father, she grabs at the chance to become a modern mail-order bride to Jace Shepard, a cattle rancher needing a wife to fulfill his dying father’s wish.