Reviews - Contemporary

Crazy in Love

Anna Flint is a very special person. She loves palindromes and could speak about them for hours. She collects tin cans. She loves math, and the perfection of numbers. She uses these things to survive in the world around her — she knows she is different from others, but her uniqueness is her shield.  

Tessa’s dream is to go to college and write novels.  Her brother and her ex-boyfriend think college is a waste of time and money.  They want her to stay in town so they can take care of her.  Against their wishes, Tessa moves to the small, New Jersey town of Mystic Island, and rents a broken-down house while she buckles down to write and study.

Singer Grace Delchamp needs to escape the city of New Orleans and get home to her friends after she suspects band member Brent Mouton  of slipping her the date rape drug.

Ellie Fairfield has been raising her son as a single mom for nearly a decade.  She’s convinced the circumstances of her once shattered heart are far behind her — that  is, until Colton Riley crosses her path and shakes everything up.  Colton has only been back from the war for a handful of years and is still dealing with the scars that run deeper than recent battlefield traumas.  As they are bo

Love on the Nile

Natasha heads off on an exciting holiday to Egypt with her brother. She cannot wait to see the sites and see the beauty that is Egypt. On a cruise of the Nile she meets archaeologist Kyle Richardson — who is not the most polite or social of men. Natasha takes an instant dislike to him but there's something about him she can't seem to shake.