Reviews - Contemporary

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Mina Automne lives in the beautiful world she has created through her love of dance and the discipline of her art.  When Neal Medwin happens upon her in a meadow basking in the warm French sunshine, he knows that this delicate creature is the balm to soothe his troubled soul.

Ted Flint, a modest Texas cattle rancher, decides to settle down and find a wife, and  finds the perfect girl at his sister’s wedding. When he approaches her and talks about the town history she is thoroughly unimpressed and uninterested. However, when Laura starts talking about dinosaurs in the area, she is excited and animated.

Olivia Cattenach runs  the family ranch in Wyoming. Besides her Aunt Mae, she is the last remaining Cattenach after her brother, Justin, is killed while serving overseas. She finds herself alone and wallowing in grief — that is, until a soldier comes to her ranch saying he was a friend of Justin's. 

Vanessa Clark feels very out of place on the cruise ship 'MS Princess Catarina'. After reuniting with her grandfather, Vanessa discovers she is the heir to a huge fortune and in an effort to reconnect, her grandfather asks her to take the cruise tour and learn about his business. Unfortunately, the small town girl from Kansas feels more overwhelmed than privileged by her new status.

Princess Tia Helios has some grand ideas about how to restructure her father’s kingdom in order to bring it up to 21st Century standards. Before she can approach her father with her ideas, however, she wants to learn what the subjects of the kingdom feel about the monarchy they live in under — so Tia goes undercover.