Reviews - Contemporary

Liz Bentley is living in fear. It is safer to stay in her tiny apartment than to risk being in the spotlight again. After being convinced by her best friend to come out for lunch, Liz is introduced to Will and her world is turned upside down.

Reporter Lauren Reynolds, bored of doing human-interest pieces for Tulsa One News, yearns to chase tornadoes.  When one of her much-beloved high school teachers passes away, Lauren knows she has to go to the funeral back in her hometown of Sunset Plains.  Of course, the town holds some terrible memories for Lauren — not only is it where her parents died in a tornado, but it is also the home of

Ben Steiner is a young Jewish man, attending Columbus University in New York City during the 70s.  Still wet behind the ears, he feels unsettled with life. If he could just land a girl, he thinks, that will solve all of his problems!  This theory seems to prove true when he meets young Rebecca Glaser at a party and they become involved. Unfortunately, he also meets the mysterious P.T.

Angela Holguín is a boisterous young woman studying abroad in Barcelona when she meets the shy and reserved Soren Lund.  Opposites definitely attract, but with their differences, neither of them is willing to make a move on their ever-increasing attraction to each other.  It will take a lot for them to finally see eye to eye.  As they are drawn together, mistakes from Angela’s past and Soren’s

Joey Bennett is a small-town guy through and through.  He runs a bar in his hometown and would do anything for his family and friends. He is also a one-night stand guy, and has decided to swear off women for a while in order to figure out how to change that.  When he sees Brittany dancing in his bar he is captivated.