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ANTHOLOGY:  Madam Azalea runs a successful teahouse, thanks in part to her abilities as a medium, and in part thanks to the fact that her gambler ghost of a brother and his friends haunt the back room every night playing poker. In four stand-alone stories, four women interact with the teahouse ghosts with varying degrees of romance, humor, and action.

The Lady's a Rebel

The civil war has taken its toll, and Vicksburg, Mississippi is destroyed. Fleeing the carnage and the ruins of her family home, Anneliese Tremaine seeks refuge with her wayward older sister Flora, and Great Aunt Charlotte. Unfortunately, the Tremaine family has refused to sign the pledge of loyalty to the Union.

Blythe Foley knows her time is up when another heart attack strikes. However, she never expected that death would walk into the room and at the last second give her the one thing she wants most — time. A short reprieve to spend with her children, but it comes at a price. For some reason, this reaper (who goes by the name "Bellamy") insists on spending the same time with them.

Future Tense
Barbara Gaskell

TIME TRAVEL:  Mercy is bored out of her mind. Working for a professor obsessed with dinosaurs, she expects that one day she could disappear and no one would notice— until the day a strange pair of eyes appears in her apartment. When Mercy comes face to face with a time traveler, she is not sure what to think. Is she delusional, or could this be the adventure she always wanted?

Emile Giroux never wants to be the monster his stepfather was. As a result, when the charming and highly successful NHL goalie comes across a pretty woman clearly in trouble outside his friend’s shop, he feels it is only natural to lend a hand.