Poetry Corner: Only Not Lonely


 I'm not  Graciela’s sister
I never did well with tongue twisters
I never shared a room
I even had my own restroom
 I never wore hand me downs
A closet full of princess gowns
A corner filled with toys
They all had the same voice
I never cried in stores
I always got Almond Joys
I am ignorant in rivalry
But an expert in propriety
Give me my solitude
For I need to elude
Four eyes on me
They have a tangerine tree
These four eyes will depend on me in their declining years
I'll do my best when the time appears
I do not relate to:
Blythe and Drew
Malt and brew
Jem and Scout
Cole and other Sprouse  
The Gallaghers
I'd be an amateur
You and your sibling(s)
Got a good thing going
At least you've got an alibi sitting at the table for not showing up for dinner.