A Narrator's Voices in Her Head


The alarm goes off at 4:30 am. I drag myself up through the darkness and down to the coffee pot. First caffeine, then work. As I wait in purgatory—those long infinitesimal minutes it takes the coffee machine to perk out that elixir—something catches my eye…My cell phone buzzing with last night’s emails. I squint one eye toward the screen, shuffle along to check my email, and then think, “I’ll just check the reviews on Audible really quick, just that one book, see how it’s being received.”Oh awesome! Sonia from Minnesota says, “Best narration of a book ever.” Wow! Thanks Sonia. Bunnies hop and butterflies fly around my kitchen. Morning euphoria—but what’s this? Teresa from Maine says, “Can’t somebody learn how to pick a proper narrator? This narrator ruined audiobooks for me.” Oh my word! I need to stop looking at reviews.I gulp down the coffee and head into my small padded room with a teeny window, where I will spend the next six hours with a couple of breaks in between. I have deadlines up the yin-yang and so much work. I’ve been losing sleep about giving the work the attention it deserves, crossing every “t” and dotting each “i”, and being fully invested in the characters, the script, the author’s voice, and the message the author would like to convey…all this, on a deadline.

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