In Love With Romance

St. Angeles

I think I was in love with Romance from a very young age. I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s house as a child. Sure, she played the usual Disney cartoons (Chip and Dale were my favorite), Tom and Jerry, and the Roadrunner, but at some point, I graduated on to…*sing-songy voice* musicals! Ah, musicals…They were epic and cinematic and, and in TECHNICOLOR! Just the introduction to “My Fair Lady” gets my heart all aflutter. And then there’s “Oklahoma” and “State Fair” and “Gigi”…fan-freaking-tastic! The costumes, the longing gazes, and the face-smashing proper kisses.And then I found a little show called “Arthur”. Not a musical, but funny, and silly, and a whole new spin on Romance. My cousin and I would build blanket forts in my grandmother’s TV room. We’d get out her china and silver, and we’d pour ourselves some fake champagne. It was nothing short of magical—especially the time I climbed out of the fort only to get my waist-length hair sucked into the fan stationed at the opening of the very hot blanket fort. *snort*

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How old is the musical? The art of telling stories with the help of songs refers to immemorial times. We know that the ancient Greeks included music and dancing in their theatrical productions as far back as the 5th century BC. Some of them wrote special songs for each musical, others used existing ones. These plays combined political and social satire and everything else that can entertain the masses. With the help of songs it was possible to comment on the actions, talk about what was happening, and so on.The Romans copied almost all the forms and traditions of the Greek theater, but they also made some changes. In particular, they began to punch the shoes with metal, so that the movement of the dancers could be heard better, which began to emphasize the importance of special effects.A huge role in the emergence of the musical (you can say, the musical appeared due to this genre) was played by jazz, which at the beginning of the XX century gradually became not just music, but also a way of thinking, it penetrated into all spheres of artistic culture, including theater.Read more at Best regards, David