Life Balance: The New & Improved Superwoman!

Ann M. Richardson &
Carla Mercer-Meyer

In the “olden days” audiobooks were recorded in a publisher’s professional studio with engineers and directors. Narrators now have largely transitioned to recording in their own homes, thus expanding their opportunities to record for more clients from all over the world. But how has this trend toward working in the home environment affected those who still want to fulfill their visions of tending to their home and family?

Carla’s Story…My mother was of a generation of women in America who bought and sold the idea that they could “have it all.“ They were told that they could earn their degrees, hold down a career, be the ideal wife, and run a family that would make Norman Rockwell proud.
I lived through that practice. It didn’t work so well for us children.  My mother had a career, five beautiful children (wink wink), a small series of husbands and us kids never saw the woman.  We grew up on Wonder Bread, that orange chemical concoction of American cheese, Miracle Whip and Kool-Aid.  We had nannies; mostly women who barely spoke English. Our mother was a ghost in the night, and on the rare occasion that she was home, she was exhausted.  
I’m not telling you this as if sitting on your proverbial therapists couch and lamenting how “it was all my mother’s fault.”  There is a saying about the pendulum swinging full circle.

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