The Legend of the Spiralling Cedars


Garrett watched Rachel spring backwards, away from the perimeter of blood. Her dark lashed chocolate eyes flit with a frenzy of emotions like a snow globe after a good shake.
She swallowed thickly and darted a look at the big park ranger who’d accompanied her. “William.”
William nodded without her finishing the sentence. “I’ll go back to headquarters and call the RCMP”
“I’ll stay and talk to the witnesses. Please take Samuel and Sarah with you.”
He backed away, but not before giving Garrett a hard once over.
Under the circumstances, Garrett probably shouldn’t have chuckled, but he did. “Not our kind of work,” he assured the ranger. “We don’t mutilate people and leave them headless in trees.”
 Rachel pulled a notebook from her pocket and clicked the top of her pen. “I’m going to need all your names and home addresses, but first tell me what you heard last night, Garrett.”
“Sorry, classified.” Booker, one of his team guys, said. Red wiry hair, with a quick tongue specializing in sarcasm, he was gonna get them in shit with the ranger if he didn’t zip the lip.
Crack, their team breacher, stuck an elbow into Booker’s ribs. “Sorry, think he’s still drunk on whiskey,” Crack explained.
Rachel’s expression tightened with impatience.

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