Falling For June: Episode 7

Heather B.

It looks like you’re going to get use out of the dress you just bought,” Sydney said, and Maria laughed. June ignored her best friends’ quips. Lance had sent her flowers, and his note invited her to the Maui resort’s bon fire that evening.
Last night they’d had an amazing first date, but then Lance hadn’t asked for her number or made any follow-up plans, so June had felt that their date had been what she’d suspected—a one-time vacation thing. Even though they’d told each other their “ex” stories and found they had a lot in common—Lance with his ex-wife, and June with her ex-boyfriend—June couldn’t help but feel that she’d jumped in too fast with both feet. Kissing Lance at the end of their date had been unexpected . . . and exhilarating. And now, he’d left flowers while she’d been out shopping with her friends. She read the note for the third time, ignoring the excited chatter of her friends as they proclaimed that Lance really was interested in her, and the flowers and note had just proved it. Tingles ran through June’s body. It appeared her friends were right, but that didn’t suppress all the doubts that had sprouted over the last several hours. She hadn’t heard from Lance all day; that’s why they’d gone shopping.

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