Falling For June: Episode 6

Heather B.

June didn’t want to open her eyes, even though she knew the morning was nearly over, judging by the light filling the Maui bungalow bedroom. Lance had kissed her last night . . . thoroughly. And it had been their first date. Before she began worrying that she’d started some random vacation fling with a newly divorced man on the rebound, she kept her eyes closed a little longer.Remembering. Lance’s strong arms pulling her close, his long fingers caressing her face and moving behind her neck, then into her hair as his mouth explored hers. The fire of his touch had singed the butterflies that had been in her stomach all night. The way he’d told her she was beautiful and that if he ever met her ex-boyfriend, Kevin, he’d be more than happy to knock him out.June couldn’t help but smile at the memory of Lance’s vehemence and tenderness all rolled into one. She’d never felt so protected, so understood, so cherished. The heat grew again at the memory of the way he’d kissed her, and if she wasn’t careful, she’d be acting like a lovesick teenager. June allowed herself a luxurious stretch and one more flashing thought of how he’d walked her to the bungalow door, his arm around her, and drawn her in for another kiss that left her no doubt as to what the word swoon really meant in a romance novel.

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