Cover Me: Cover Art Tips For Indie Writers


Browsing through the internet, you readers scan through millions of books. Not hundreds or even thousands...but millions. Maybe you are into Historical novels, past centuries where you long to visit a different time and place and be swept into an adventure with your own personal Mr. Darcy. Or perhaps a Western with a rodeo cowboy, all dirty and sweaty, who just happens to need to change his shirt. He exposes his perfectly toned abs and muscular frame to only you. Calm down ladies, I'm just making a few observations here.
You see it in the blink of an eye…there in front of you is a book cover that instantly captures your attention. Everything about it reflects the mood and feelings you long to find in your next book, not to mention the fact that the man on the cover reminds you of your first love, with that sly smile that always gave you butterflies in your tummy and made your heart beat faster.
There are so many different books, different genres, different authors out there, that trying to choose what to linger over is often a game of chance. Statistics have shown that many make that decision based on visual impact. A certain look or picture that catches their eye.

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