2017 RONE Awards Week Four

  • Paranormal: Short (5 finalists)
    Suspense: Long (2 finalists)
    Historical: Victorian - 20th Century (2 finalists)

Voting Period: May 8 - 14, 2017.

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Paranormal: Short - 2017

Garden of Shadows - Meara Platt
21% (80 votes)
Rocked by a Vampire - Susan Griscom
10% (38 votes)
The Hunt - Harper A. Brooks
8% (29 votes)
The Keeper - Rebecca E. Neely
6% (24 votes)
If You're Haunted, Flaunt It - Sharon Saracino
5% (21 votes)
Seneca's Faith - Abigail Owen
5% (20 votes)
Beast of All - J. C. McKenzie
5% (19 votes)
The Seer's Secret - Mikea Howard
5% (18 votes)
Shift Work - J. C. McKenzie
4% (14 votes)
Playing the Witch's Game - Zoe Forward
3% (10 votes)
Cloaked in Secrecy - TF Walsh
3% (11 votes)
Dark Abigail - Tish Thawer
3% (11 votes)
Moonlight's Peril - Ashlynn Monroe
2% (8 votes)
Firestorm - D. B. Sieders
2% (8 votes)
Fallen Ashes - TF Walsh
2% (8 votes)
Forever Charmed - Dawn Chartier
2% (9 votes)
Tell - Allison Merritt
2% (8 votes)
An Angel's Song - Sharon Saracino
2% (7 votes)
Cowboy - Jas T. Ward
2% (6 votes)
Unstoppable - Lynn Crandall
2% (9 votes)
The Lion's Share - Karin Shah
2% (7 votes)
Claimed - Andrea R. Cooper
2% (9 votes)
Tieryn's Fury - Abigail Owen
1% (5 votes)
Legacy of Lies - Jillian David
1% (3 votes)
Bound - Carmen Fox
0% (1 vote)
Total votes: 383

Suspense / Thriller: Long - 2017

Fan Girl - Danielle James/P. Mattern
20% (74 votes)
The Power of Love and Murder - Brenda Whiteside
15% (55 votes)
Black Cat Blues - Jo-Ann Carson
11% (40 votes)
Absolute Doubt - Cherry Adair
10% (36 votes)
HIS Return - Sheila Kell
8% (30 votes)
A Legacy of Love and Murder - Brenda Whiteside
4% (15 votes)
Expendable - M. A. R. Unger
4% (13 votes)
The Squandered - David Putnam
3% (11 votes)
Born to Die - Winter Austin
3% (10 votes)
Jigsaw - Stella Barcelona
3% (10 votes)
A Deep Thing - A.K. Smith
2% (8 votes)
Family Illusions - Bess George
2% (8 votes)
Till the Dead Speak - Jerrie Alexander
2% (6 votes)
Severed Relations - Rebecca Forster
2% (8 votes)
Take a Chance on Me - Virginia Kelly
2% (9 votes)
Sins of the Father - Winter Austin
2% (7 votes)
Deadline - Jessica James
2% (7 votes)
Pegasus Down - Philip Donlay
1% (4 votes)
Passenger 19 - Ward Larsen
1% (5 votes)
Dark Fissures - Matt Coyle
1% (4 votes)
Bygones - Lisa K. Nielsen
0% (1 vote)
Decree of Finality - Kenneth Eade
0% (1 vote)
December Boys - Joe Clifford
0% (0 votes)
Brain Damage - Freida McFadden
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 362

Historical: Victorian - 20th Century - 2017

The Renegade Wife - Caroline Warfield
13% (62 votes)
Surrender the Wind - Elizabeth St. Michel
12% (58 votes)
Between Home and Heartbreak - Jacqui Nelson
10% (49 votes)
His Forbidden Bride - Merry Farmer
8% (38 votes)
Loving the Hawke - Lana Williams
7% (31 votes)
Spirit Ridge - L. A. Kelley
7% (31 votes)
Brody: Letters of Fate - Paty Jager
6% (29 votes)
Ella: An Everland Ever After Tale - Caroline Lee
6% (28 votes)
The Bluebird - Kristy McCaffrey
6% (27 votes)
Where Dragonflies Hover - Anne Marie Brear
5% (23 votes)
When the Mockingbird Sings - Katherine King
5% (23 votes)
As the Liquor Flows - Angela Christina Archer
4% (18 votes)
Love is Come - Heather B. Moore
3% (12 votes)
Charming the Scholar - Lana Williams
2% (9 votes)
His Remarkable Bride - Merry Farmer
2% (10 votes)
Dark Season - Joanna Lowell
2% (8 votes)
Dogs Dance - Larion Wills
1% (6 votes)
Kat's Law - Samantha St. Claire
1% (5 votes)
Longing for Home - Lisa Wayman
1% (6 votes)
Total votes: 473



I didn't want to put this book down until I finished it.  Great writer.

After two attempts - voting worked.  Good luck ladies!  

II voted...

rather difficult to navigate. 




This book captures your attention from start to finish!

Voted!! Another awesome list.


You're the greatest! Been reading all your books!



Good luck to all.

Good luck everyone!

Fangirl by P. Mattern & Danielle James is such an amazing book! Keeps the reader hooked!

Good luck to all of the writers! 

Good luck to my favorite authors!

Black Cat Blues by Jo-Ann Carson is a winner! 

Her books are timeless and phenomenal 

Voted - so honored to be among some top notch reads in Paranormal Short. Best of luck to all the shortlist finalists!




go MAR~

Good luck!

The Keeper! Short but Great! 


Paty Jager and Brody:  Letters of Fate    Great Book!  Good luck Paty!

Great read, absolutely loved it! 

How are readers even supposed to vote for ONE book only in the historical category? I've literally read and loved every one of them !!!

voted; wonderful book, this whole series is awesome

Expendible by M.A.R. Unger is much more than a great thriller, it's a well-researched story that weaves forensics and history to bring the reader to consider the past in a new light and perhaps to fear the future.

A thriller of considerable social import.

 I voted

This latest book by the author is her best one, kept your interest from start to finish.

Voted!  Good luck!

Brenda Whiteside all day!

Loved this series!  Voted.

Great Reading!!

Elizabeth always has a great read- love her books!

Looking forward to her next novel!

I want to vote for Beloved Enemy, but having difficulty with the procedure. Cat

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