2017 RONE Awards Week Two

  • Paranormal: Long (2 finalists)
    Historical: 17th Century - Regency (2 finalists)
    New Adult (3 finalists)
    Anthology (1 finalists)


Voting Period: April 24 - April 30, 2017.

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Paranormal: Long

Hellbound Warrior - Brenda Trim/Tami Julka
17% (112 votes)
Of Spells and Shadows - Camryn Rhys, Krystal Shannan
15% (96 votes)
Untamable Lover - Rosalie Redd
10% (64 votes)
Forgetting Jane - C J Warrant
6% (36 votes)
Window of Death - DJ Erfert
6% (36 votes)
Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones - Sorchia DuBois
5% (33 votes)
Scarred Warrior - Brenda Trim/Tami Julka
5% (31 votes)
Skin and Bones - Susan Harris
5% (33 votes)
Prophecy's Healing - Brenda Dyer
4% (29 votes)
Blood Stones: The Haunting of Sunset Canyon - Krista Lynn
4% (23 votes)
Black Bullet - L. D. Rose
4% (29 votes)
Bitch Witch - S. R. Karfelt
4% (25 votes)
Cloaked in Blood - TF Walsh
3% (18 votes)
Purgatory's Angel - B. Hughes-Millman
3% (18 votes)
Reborn - Jane Ederlyn
2% (14 votes)
Look to the Sun - Emmie Mears
2% (16 votes)
Dark Heart of the Sun - S. K. Ryder
2% (10 votes)
Danville Horror - Laura Del
1% (6 votes)
The Goddess Particle - Brandy Gaye
1% (8 votes)
Fallen Death - RB Austin
0% (3 votes)
Abandoned Darkness - Kate Wendley
0% (2 votes)
Resisting Darkness - Kate Wendley
0% (3 votes)
Mastering Darkness - Kate Wendley
0% (3 votes)
Total votes: 648

Historical: 17th Century - Regency - 2017

A Midsummer's Kiss - Meara Platt
14% (78 votes)
To Catch a Fallen Spy - Barbara Devlin
10% (56 votes)
Love's New Beginning - Dorothy Wiley
10% (56 votes)
The Pirate's Debt - Katherine Bone
9% (53 votes)
The Ice Duchess - Amy Rose Bennett
8% (46 votes)
My Bonny Heart - Synclair Stafford
6% (34 votes)
Capturing the Captain - C. K. Brooke
6% (34 votes)
O'er the River Liffey - Heidi Ashworth
5% (26 votes)
Mad About the Marquess - Elizabeth Essex
5% (27 votes)
Valor Under Siege - Elizabeth Boyce
4% (23 votes)
Her Fateful Debut - G. G. Vandagriff
3% (19 votes)
Fool Me Twice - Philippa Jane Keyworth
3% (15 votes)
And Then Mine Enemy - Alison Stuart
3% (19 votes)
The Caress of a Commander - Linda Rae Sande
3% (19 votes)
The Wedding Affair - Heather Boyd
2% (12 votes)
The Duke's Last Hunt - Rosanne E. Lortz
2% (12 votes)
Vienna Waltz - Mary Lancaster
2% (10 votes)
The Epiphany of an Explorer - Linda Rae Sande
2% (11 votes)
Lady of the Bridge - Laura Kitchell
1% (3 votes)
The Seduction of Lady Charity - Maggi Andersen
1% (3 votes)
The Scandalous Lady Mercy - Maggi Andersen
1% (6 votes)
The Beauty of Love - Dorothy Wiley
1% (6 votes)
Total votes: 568

New Adult - 2017

Taming Chloe Summers - Anna Katmore
14% (69 votes)
Beautifully Undone - Susan Griscom
13% (63 votes)
Bloodthorn, Fairy World MD - Tamara Grantham
13% (63 votes)
Dragonblood - Alianne Donnelly
9% (42 votes)
Terra Nova - Christine Hart
9% (41 votes)
Sweet On You - Marianne Rice
8% (36 votes)
Covered - E. A. West
4% (20 votes)
Fractured Palace - R. J. Loom
4% (21 votes)
Finding Kennedy - Jacinta Howard
4% (21 votes)
The Emperror's Concubine - Killarney Sheffield
4% (20 votes)
Virtually Impossible - Lauren Stewart
4% (18 votes)
Sasha: Book One - Tonya Plank
4% (20 votes)
Love, Alchemy - Eden Ashley
4% (19 votes)
The Compendium - Christine Hart
2% (10 votes)
Huntress Found - A. A. Chamberlynn
2% (11 votes)
Daydreamer - Chloe Asher
1% (5 votes)
Total votes: 479

Anthology - 2017

Once Upon a True Love's Kiss - Johnstone, Cameron, Bone, Chantal, Grace, Lucas, Smith, Vane
21% (127 votes)
Kisses Between the Lines - Christensen, McConnell, Checketts, Tullis, Sokol
15% (91 votes)
Mail Order Bride - Henrie, Holt, Bessey, Moore, Lyon, Eden
13% (78 votes)
Holly and Hopeful Hearts - Warfield, Knight, Ewing, Cale, Ellis, Zoltack, Bennett
13% (82 votes)
7: The Seven Deadly Sins - Bond, Michaels, Silverthorne-Bach, Risser, Greene
11% (68 votes)
Home for the Holidays - Owen, Rosko, Bell, Carr, Gatta, Fredrick, James, Marr, Nicholas, Stuart
8% (48 votes)
Wandering Spirits, Volume 1 - Cox, Delisi, Grover, McMahon, Torres
6% (40 votes)
Charmed by a Ruby - Kean, Carson, Brown, Daniels
4% (24 votes)
Blind Date Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology) - Lyon, Eden, Wilson, Moore, Lieske, Branton
4% (27 votes)
The Making of a Man - Rachel Rossano
3% (19 votes)
Icing the Puck - MacLir, Kelly, Agdern
2% (14 votes)
Total votes: 618


I'm honored and excited to have two books nominated in Historical 17th Century - Regency! Best of luck to all the nominees!!! Hope to meet all of you in Burbank!Dorothy Wiley 

I loved the book and I just  cast my vote.  Good luck and Congratulations on being nominated 

Voted. Good Luck to all!

I Voted but it is a secret who I vote for. We will just see if who wins buy soundcloud plays.

If there's a box to click for a vote, it doesn't show so here's my vote for Wandering Spirits. 

Voting for the 2nd week hasn't started yet. 

...but it has now! :)  

there is a box for Wandering Spirits...all the way at the bottom.  Go find it and make your vote count! 



Another great list to chosee from.



I voted for a book I read and loved

Dorothy Wiley's style has grabbed my full attention and admiration! I'm hooked on her books.


Charmed by a Ruby gets my vote !!

The Caress of a Commander gets my vote :)

Blood Stones: The Haunting of Sunset Canyon has it all!

Voted for LOVE'S NEW BEGINNING. Read and re-read everything she has written.

Charmed by a Ruby got my vote! :-)

Elizabeth Boyce is the best! All of her stories are fantastic. I can't wait for her next one!

Bloodthorn by Tamara Grantham. Absolutely fantastic. Good luck xx

Voted for Hellbound Warrior. Oh yeah!

Thank you for nominating Capturing the Captain in Historical 17th Century - Regency! All the best, - C.K. Brooke

I voted for a great book in paranormal long. Black Bullet by L. D. Rose. Read and reviewed. 5 ⭐️'S

Good luck to all the nominees!


Voted for, 'Capturing the Captain' by C. K. Brooke. Good Luck

Way to go SK Ryder!

I'm so honored to have two books in the Historical 17th Century-Regency category! I hope you can join us in Burbank for InDScribe! Linda Rae Sande

Why does it say "Cancel your Vote"?  It is the 24th.


So many great books to choose from.

Congratulations to so many wonderful writers! 

I voted for "Epiphany of an Explorer".  Love Linda Rae Sande's historical romances!

Thanks to the authors of these wonderful books.  I go on vacation, sight seeing, mayhem, and a host of other activities within their books.

So proud to be included in the Anthology field with my fellow writers, Kim, Liz, Chris and Maureen. hugs girls!

Well done Amy Rose Bennett.

Go Hellbound Warrior! Good luck Brenda and Tami!

I love everything I've read of Amy Rose Bennett

Voted for Hellbound Warrior. 

Loved Charmed By A Ruby!

I just voted in each category. It was really hard to choose! I wish all of the authors the best of luck!!  

I voted. Good luck to all!

I voted!  It's really hard when you're limited votes when you have multiple books to vote for.  But then it's no surprise that my favorite authors have nominated titles!! That's why I love to read them, they're wonderful!! Good luck to them!!

Good luck to all the 2017 RONE Nominees!Best,Tema MerbackWriting as Belle Ami

I voted for "Forgetting Jane", one of my favorite books.


For Untamable Lover!

Good luck to all the nominees.