2017 RONE Awards


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Damnation - Anna Lowe

Hunter's Mark - Melissa Snark

Valentine Bride - Shanna Hatfield

Ella's Embrace - Kay P. Dawson

The Big Bad de Wolfe - Barbara Devlin

Her Demigod Complex - Abigail Owen

Cursed by the Moon - Rebekah R. Ganiere

The Redemption of Julian Price - Victoria Vane



Garden of Her Heart - Shanna Hatfield

The Dragons of Alsace Farm - Laurie Lewis

Rachel Laine: The Women of Merryton - Jennifer Peel

Write Me Home - Crystal Walton

Leaving Oxford - Janet W. Ferguson


Historical: Ancient - 16th Century

Ian's Rose - Suzan Tisdale

Rory: A Scottish Outlaw - Lily Baldwin

Highland Archer - Hildie McQueen

Prisoner of the Highlander - Kate Robbins

King’s Knight - Regan Walker 

Rebel Warrior - Regan Walker  

Her Highland Rogue - Violetta Rand



Once Upon a True Love's Kiss - Johnstone, Cameron, Bone, Chantal, Grace, Lucas, Smith, Vane

A Very Wicked Christmas - Boyd, Monajem, Vella, Davidson, Cummings, Oakley

A Country Christmas: Timeless Regency Collection - Kilpack, Kelly, Moore

Spring in Hyde Park - Moore, Vandagriff, Van


Paranormal: Long

Hellbound Warrior - Brenda Trim/Tami Julka

Of Spells and Shadows - Camryn Rhys, Krystal Shannan

Maggie - Mya O'Malley

Hearts Unloched - Claire Gem

Dark Vortex - Stella Marie Alden, Chantel Seabrook

Six - R. E. Carr

Untouchable Lover - Rosalie Redd


Historical: 17th Century through Regency

A Midsummer's Kiss - Meara Platt

To Catch a Fallen Spy - Barbara Devlin

Love's New Beginning - Dorothy Wiley

The Star in the Meadow - Carla Kelly

Duty Before Desire - Elizabeth Boyce

Scattered Seeds - Julie Doherty

The Fearless Highlander - Amy Jarecki


New Adult

Taming Chloe Summers - Anna Katmore

Beautifully Undone - Susan Griscom

Bloodthorn, Fairy World MD - Tamara Grantham

Moon River - Amber D. Tran

The Future Unborn - Khristina Chess



Beloved Enemy - Hywela Lyn

Annihilation - K. A. Salidas  

Tempting the Dryad -Rebecca Rivard

The Last Bucelarii: Lament of the Fallen - Andy Peloquin

Transgressions: The Apprentice - E. G. Manetti

Escapee - Edward Hoornaert

Dating an Alien Popstar - Kendra L. Saunders


Time Travel

Must Love Kilts - Angela Quarles

A Highlander in Vegas - Jennae Vale

A Time for Love in Paris - Kim Hotzon

Dragon Knight's Ring - Mary Morgan

Two Worlds Collided - Karen Michelle Nutt


Chick-Lit/Women’s Fiction

Esmeralda and the Second Hand Suitor - Hebby Roman

Always Room for Cupcakes - Bethany Lopez

The {Re} Model Marriage - Maria Hoagland

Second Chances - Lisa K. Miller

For Rent - Erin Huss

Falling for Grace - Kate O'Keeffe

Live for This - Kathryn R. Biel

Dreaming August - Terri-Lynne DeFino


YA: General

The Chosen Chronicles: A Chosen Life - K. A. Parkinson

Gold Rush - Jennifer Comeaux

The Warrior Prophet - Lisa Voisin

What’s a Soulmate? - Lindsey Ouimet


Paranormal: Short

Garden of Shadows - Meara Platt

Rocked by a Vampire - Susan Griscom

The Hunt - Harper A. Brooks

The Keeper - Rebecca E. Neely

If You’re Haunted, Flaunt It - Sharon Saracino

Beautiful Darkness - Victoria Zak

Her Forbidden Knight - Carly Fall


Suspense/Thriller: Long

Fan Girl - Danielle James and P. Mattern

The Power of Love and Murder - Brenda Whiteside

Beneath the Surface - Melynda Price

Revelation - Carter Wilson

Slave Queen - H. B. Moore

Escape Velocity - Susan Wolfe

Forever in Darkness - Susan Zoe Bella


Historical: Victorian - 20th Century

The Renegade Wife - Caroline Warfield

Surrender the Wind - Elizabeth St. Michel

Solitary Horseman - Deborah Camp

A Splendid Boy - Melanie Martin

His Tempting Bride - Merry Farmer


Contemporary: Cops, Jocks and Cowboys

Return to Ruby’s Ranch - Rhonda Frankhouser

Igniting Andrew - Elizabeth Rose

Changes of the Heart - Debra Erfert

Beauty and the Bull Rider - Victoria Vane

Border Affair - Hebby Roman

Diamond in the Rough - Lori L. Robinett

Cookie Therapy - Karla Brandenburg


Contemporary: Sweet

Not Quite Perfect - Catherine Bybee 

Fearless Destiny - Annette Bower

Mix ’N’ Match - Lindzee Armstrong

On the Corner of Heartache and Love - Lisa Swinton

The Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall - Shannon Kirk

Harmony to Heartburn - Shelly Hickman


Suspense/Thriller: Short

Paladine - Kenneth Eade

Barefoot Bay: Wild on the Rocks - Kiersten Hallie Krum

Cash Valley - Ryan K. Nelson

The Captain - Julie Coulter Bellon

Web of Deceit - Lauren Reign

One Heart to Give - Dawn Brower



Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Brash Blonde - Gemma Halliday/Kelly Rey

Baked to Death - Catherine Bruns

Wedding Day - Erin Bevan

Proposals and Poison - Rachelle J. Christensen

Waking Up in Medellin - Kathryn Lane

Five Dog Voodoo - Lia Farrell

A Scone to Die For - H. Y. Hanna

Death of a Wolfman - Susan Boles


Young Adult: Paranormal

A Question of Faith - Nicole Zoltack

Lay Me Down - Tamara Hart Heiner

Killdeer Winds - Aaron Michael Ritchey

The Fourth Piece - E. Ardell

Selected - Evelyn Lederman

Rising Tides - Katy Haye


Contemporary: Steamy

Spoons - Ev Bishop

One Safe Place - Robena Grant

Luke’s Redemption - Anni Fife

Home with My Heart - Meda White

Twila’s Tempest - Natasza Waters

Teach Your Heart - Tracey Alvarez

Challenged - Kate Carley


RONE Awards
  • The number of overall finalists in each category is based on the number of books qualifying in that genre. Genres with a very high number of books will have more overall finalists than those genres with a relatively few number of books competing.  This ensures the highest level of fairness possible for each book.
  • As was stated in the RONE awards rules, all 5 star rated books automatically become finalists.  Therefore, depending on the number of 5 star rated books, the number of finalists picked in this round will be different in each genre.

* Please be aware that because of the extremely high number of books we review, the qualifications for the 2018 RONE Awards will be changing. Next year only 4.5 and 5 star rated books will become nominees and all will go through the reader voting round.

Voting schedule for the 2017 RONE Awards
The list of nominees in each genre can be found in the link of the corresponding week.
Historical: Ancient - 16th Century
Paranormal: Long
Historical: 17th Century - Regency
New Adult
Time Travel
Chick-Lit / Women’s Fiction
YA: General
Paranormal: Short
Suspense / Thirller: Long
Historical: Victorian - 20th Century
Cops, Jocks and Cowboys
Contemporary: Sweet
Suspense / Thriller: Short
YA: Paranormal
Contemporary: Steamy


This won't allow us to vote twice for novella or inspirational. I even tried to log out and log back in. Do we need to vote on a separate day?

Actually, in order to vote twice for a genre, you have to select multiple check boxes at once. However, that is possible only for categegories that have more than 25 nominees, which is for week one, only the Novella category.



I am honored that Christmas Love and Mercy was nominated in the inspirational category. There are so many wonderful authors in which to choose. I wish us all the very best!  Saundra Staats McLemore  Inspirational Author of Christmas Hotel Series


Can't seem to follow RONE week one  voting link. Am I too tech challenged? At least, it  won't work on my iPhone.

Still failed to load on my desktop. Is using the Firefox browser the issue?

The caption says it all...☺️

I voted. Serena Smith

Voted.  Sharon Guagliardo

Damnation and Hunter's Mark

I have voted

Best of luck

I voted too - good luck everyone.

What am i doing wrong would like to vote but can"t seem to get to where i need to be. 

I Voted. Good luck to all. 

Voted love fangirl 

Love the FANGIRL cover by PMattern and Danielle James

I haven't voted yet, but it won't let me vote. Keeps coming up that my link is "banned". Is it my computer that's the problem? Or the server I'm linked to? 


I vote for Catherine Brun Brooks Burnt To A Crisp cover. Hope this suffices for my vote.
International Best Selling Author
Jennifer Lynn Roche
CEO of Rainbow of Happiness LLC

Congratulations and best of luck to all the finalists!

I vote for Retun to Ruby's Ranch by Rhonda Frankhouser.

Return to Ruby's Ranch bu Rhonda Frankhouser 

Voted for fangirl an amazing book kept me on the edge of my seat

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despite my own right to choose the winner, I wouldn't be surprised if any of the finalist took the prize home