Back To School


School is back in session. You finally have time to do all the things you dreamed of doing for the past few months. All your daily chores are caught up and you have that one thing in your house that was missing. Peace and quiet. You actually hear the birds chirping outside instead of the screaming and yelling of, “He touched me” or “Mine, mine, mine”, or “Mooomm…..”.
You can take a deep breath and sip your coffee without the fear of someone running into your hand and causing you to freak out as you spill it all over your freshly washed clothes. You are finally able to relax. The blistering heat has hopefully subsided into mild sunny weather. Going outside to walk around isn’t going to melt your skin off. A stroll around the block won’t make you sweat like a pig, turning your t-shirt sticky and smelling like an old work-boot.
Isn’t this awesome? Then why are you a little bit sad? Do you miss the kids and things being chaotic? Of course, you do.

Now, instead of being needed all the time to solve problems and provide for the little ones (and the bigger ones because kids never really grow up), they are in a classroom surrounded by other kids listening to someone else teaching them about history, math, and other things they will probably never use in their life.
In a way, that is what parents are there for. To teach their children what can’t be learned from books or their friends and what they certainly will find a use for as they move forward with their lives. Now, I’m getting philosophical…bad idea. I taught my kids the joy of putting glue all over their hands and peeling it off to gross out parents, and eating paste. This explains a lot about my kids.

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