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There is much to be gained from reading romance novels—more than just a good story to curl up with on a rainy night. For those of us who love the sweeping historical sagas, there can be lessons in history, as well as love. I thought I’d set down some of what I’ve learned about love from reading romance novels. See if you don’t agree.

Romanctic Ideals - For Real?
Barbara Gaskell

As an author of historical fiction, I am fascinated at how much our ideas of romance and heroic ideals have changed over the years. In books, we are often presented with genuine characters from the past, shown to us as we might like them to be. But this is often more wishful thinking than fact. Yes indeed, a great deal has changed.

We’ve all done it. Paid hard-earned money for a novel that just wasn’t our answer to the weekend’s open schedule. It’s frustrating when you get twenty pages in and realize that you just can’t continue with the story, the characters, the boredom. Facing the fact that you just took a dollar, or sometimes ten, and flushed it down the entertainment budget toilet is a hard thing to accept.

Medieval Castles in Africa?!
Janice L.

 I’ve always been fascinated with ruins representative of ancient civilizations, but I never expected to find castles in Africa. I am the author of a series of romance novels based on Ethiopian history. I enjoy writing about this fascinating country known by some as The Land of Enchantment.

When an author first sets out to write a book, very few think about what will happen after they’ve completed the story. Creating the story is what authors live for. However, for most of us, the real work begins upon completion.