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John Keats, English romantic poet famously died in Rome in February 1821 having traveled there for his health. He had good company. English travelers and expatriates poured into Rome in the late Regency period. Many historical romance novels are set in that period, but few take their English characters to settings outside England. That’s a pity.

I don’t know anything about literature but I know I like vampires. I also like ghosts, giant wolves, and I love pretty much anything involving an apocalypse. When I sat down to write my first novel, "Immortal L.A.", I put one word in front of another without giving much consideration to what genre it would call home.

In my high school English class I was one of the few fourteen year olds left who still liked to read. I was, therefore, the obvious choice to be offered the chance to take a day off lessons and represent our school as a regional judge for a children’s’ book competition.

Nowadays, it seems as though you can’t turn on the television without seeing an ad for a psychotropic medication.  These commercials promise that you’ll feel all better if you just take the right pill; all of your mental health issues will disappear as if by magic.

There is this preconceived view that love and romance are the prerogative of the young. Likewise, some people seem to believe that once we reach a certain age, lust dries up, leaving us uninterested in sex – and love, and romance. Huh. Let me tell you, this is wrong. Very, very wrong! Some of you may be quite taken aback by this revelation.