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Creating a Mystery!

Don’t you love a good mystery series? Being reunited with familiar characters and meeting new ones, searching for hidden clues, getting stumped by red herrings, marveling at plot twists and turns, and gasping at shocking endings? While great fun to read, a mystery series presents a litany of duplicities for the author which need constant care and attention. Ever thought about writing one?

Writing With Dyslexia

My name is Victoria Browne and I am a dyslexic writer. I would like to try and explain what it is like to be a dyslexic in a non-dyslexic world and give some tips I use in everyday life, as an adult living with dyslexia. I knew I was different from an early age.

The Confident Author
Tyffani Clark

I work with authors for a living. I started SideStreet Cookie Publishing because my main goal was to help Indie authors make the sales they deserve. I am very passionate about helping authors make their work the best it can be and helping them find creative ways to promote their books. However, one of my pet peeves is when authors come to me and we have this conversation:

I have an amazing product—I wrote a fabulous book—I’m offering a service that everyone will benefit from—why can’t I get results? How do I get people to notice?!Man, that is the million-dollar question!

Time To Wake Up.. Medieval Style!
Barbara Gaskell

All right—take a deep breath and open your eyes. I have bad news for you. You have woken up 500 years into the past, and it is now the year 1480. Don’t faint—this is going to be fun. But it’s not going to be easy.