2017 RONE Awards Week Two

  • Paranormal: Long (2 finalists)
    Historical: 17th Century - Regency (2 finalists)
    New Adult (3 finalists)
    Anthology (1 finalists)


Voting Period: April 24 - April 30, 2017.

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Paranormal: Long

Hellbound Warrior - Brenda Trim/Tami Julka
17% (112 votes)
Of Spells and Shadows - Camryn Rhys, Krystal Shannan
15% (96 votes)
Untamable Lover - Rosalie Redd
10% (64 votes)
Forgetting Jane - C J Warrant
6% (36 votes)
Window of Death - DJ Erfert
6% (36 votes)
Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones - Sorchia DuBois
5% (33 votes)
Scarred Warrior - Brenda Trim/Tami Julka
5% (31 votes)
Skin and Bones - Susan Harris
5% (33 votes)
Prophecy's Healing - Brenda Dyer
4% (29 votes)
Blood Stones: The Haunting of Sunset Canyon - Krista Lynn
4% (23 votes)
Black Bullet - L. D. Rose
4% (29 votes)
Bitch Witch - S. R. Karfelt
4% (25 votes)
Cloaked in Blood - TF Walsh
3% (18 votes)
Purgatory's Angel - B. Hughes-Millman
3% (18 votes)
Reborn - Jane Ederlyn
2% (14 votes)
Look to the Sun - Emmie Mears
2% (16 votes)
Dark Heart of the Sun - S. K. Ryder
2% (10 votes)
Danville Horror - Laura Del
1% (6 votes)
The Goddess Particle - Brandy Gaye
1% (8 votes)
Fallen Death - RB Austin
0% (3 votes)
Abandoned Darkness - Kate Wendley
0% (2 votes)
Resisting Darkness - Kate Wendley
0% (3 votes)
Mastering Darkness - Kate Wendley
0% (3 votes)
Total votes: 648

Historical: 17th Century - Regency - 2017

A Midsummer's Kiss - Meara Platt
14% (78 votes)
To Catch a Fallen Spy - Barbara Devlin
10% (56 votes)
Love's New Beginning - Dorothy Wiley
10% (56 votes)
The Pirate's Debt - Katherine Bone
9% (53 votes)
The Ice Duchess - Amy Rose Bennett
8% (46 votes)
My Bonny Heart - Synclair Stafford
6% (34 votes)
Capturing the Captain - C. K. Brooke
6% (34 votes)
O'er the River Liffey - Heidi Ashworth
5% (26 votes)
Mad About the Marquess - Elizabeth Essex
5% (27 votes)
Valor Under Siege - Elizabeth Boyce
4% (23 votes)
Her Fateful Debut - G. G. Vandagriff
3% (19 votes)
Fool Me Twice - Philippa Jane Keyworth
3% (15 votes)
And Then Mine Enemy - Alison Stuart
3% (19 votes)
The Caress of a Commander - Linda Rae Sande
3% (19 votes)
The Wedding Affair - Heather Boyd
2% (12 votes)
The Duke's Last Hunt - Rosanne E. Lortz
2% (12 votes)
Vienna Waltz - Mary Lancaster
2% (10 votes)
The Epiphany of an Explorer - Linda Rae Sande
2% (11 votes)
Lady of the Bridge - Laura Kitchell
1% (3 votes)
The Seduction of Lady Charity - Maggi Andersen
1% (3 votes)
The Scandalous Lady Mercy - Maggi Andersen
1% (6 votes)
The Beauty of Love - Dorothy Wiley
1% (6 votes)
Total votes: 568

New Adult - 2017

Taming Chloe Summers - Anna Katmore
14% (69 votes)
Beautifully Undone - Susan Griscom
13% (63 votes)
Bloodthorn, Fairy World MD - Tamara Grantham
13% (63 votes)
Dragonblood - Alianne Donnelly
9% (42 votes)
Terra Nova - Christine Hart
9% (41 votes)
Sweet On You - Marianne Rice
8% (36 votes)
Covered - E. A. West
4% (20 votes)
Fractured Palace - R. J. Loom
4% (21 votes)
Finding Kennedy - Jacinta Howard
4% (21 votes)
The Emperror's Concubine - Killarney Sheffield
4% (20 votes)
Virtually Impossible - Lauren Stewart
4% (18 votes)
Sasha: Book One - Tonya Plank
4% (20 votes)
Love, Alchemy - Eden Ashley
4% (19 votes)
The Compendium - Christine Hart
2% (10 votes)
Huntress Found - A. A. Chamberlynn
2% (11 votes)
Daydreamer - Chloe Asher
1% (5 votes)
Total votes: 479

Anthology - 2017

Once Upon a True Love's Kiss - Johnstone, Cameron, Bone, Chantal, Grace, Lucas, Smith, Vane
21% (127 votes)
Kisses Between the Lines - Christensen, McConnell, Checketts, Tullis, Sokol
15% (91 votes)
Mail Order Bride - Henrie, Holt, Bessey, Moore, Lyon, Eden
13% (78 votes)
Holly and Hopeful Hearts - Warfield, Knight, Ewing, Cale, Ellis, Zoltack, Bennett
13% (82 votes)
7: The Seven Deadly Sins - Bond, Michaels, Silverthorne-Bach, Risser, Greene
11% (68 votes)
Home for the Holidays - Owen, Rosko, Bell, Carr, Gatta, Fredrick, James, Marr, Nicholas, Stuart
8% (48 votes)
Wandering Spirits, Volume 1 - Cox, Delisi, Grover, McMahon, Torres
6% (40 votes)
Charmed by a Ruby - Kean, Carson, Brown, Daniels
4% (24 votes)
Blind Date Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology) - Lyon, Eden, Wilson, Moore, Lieske, Branton
4% (27 votes)
The Making of a Man - Rachel Rossano
3% (19 votes)
Icing the Puck - MacLir, Kelly, Agdern
2% (14 votes)
Total votes: 618


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